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Foam Rolling A Cure For Muscle Soreness?

Let’s do a little myth-busting today.

Kim heard a little fitness tip somewhere that doesn’t make sense to her and is asking me for clarification or confirmation about the validity of this tip.
Foam Rolling Does Not Cure DOMS
She heard that if she has DOMS (which is an acronym for ‘Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness’, and refers to the sore muscles you get usually the day after a hard workout) breaking out the foam roller and massaging her sore muscles with it will help cure the problem faster.

Yah, it makes sense that this tip doesn’t make sense… if that makes sense! LOL

Will doing some foam rolling help fix DOMS?


How about regular static stretching? Does stretching help make DOMS go away?

Nope again.

Here’s the truth about DOMS, and the reasons why this tip doesn’t make sense, OR work:

Foam rolling is a form of stretching. And no stretching can help make DOMS heal faster. When it comes to healing up microscopic tears in your muscle fibers brought on by heavy lifting, interfering with the healing process in this way can’t possibly make the healing happen faster… and could actually cause the healing to take longer if you’re being particularly intense with the rolling and stretching! Give it time instead.

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