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A Devilish Way To Intensify Your Workouts
Sometimes the workouts get a little ‘same old, same old’. Here’s a fun trick to add some intensity to your workout.

Are You In Your Comfort Zone? Or a Combat Zone?
Are you making the most of your workout? Are you sure your workout is hard enough? Don’t get caught in a comfort zone when you should be feeling like you just stepped into a combat zone.

Avoid Plateaus And Cure Boredom
Even if you’ve been experiencing great results from your current workout program, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually hit a plateau or get bored with it. Here’s a trick to get yourself off plateaus fast and get interested in your workouts again.

Avoid These Ineffective Exercises
Getting your body moving in any way is a lot better than not getting any exercise at all. But if you’re going to move your body, be sure to choose exercises that are effective and aren’t just wasting your time.

Avoid This Food, Try That Food Instead!
When you’re hungry it’s easy to reach for the closest thing at hand. Be careful, because the closest thing at hand is probably not the healthiest thing you can be eating. Your body is your temple so treat it with respect. Check out this list of foods you should avoid plus discover some smarter, healthier replacements.

Be Savvy About Learning From The Marketers
When it comes to your health, fitness and nutrition you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, see or hear TV and radio, or see in magazines. Why not? Lack of regulation allows marketers and advertisers to misrepresent their product to you. So how do you figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction?

Become An Even Better Runner
If you love running but you’re getting bored or need more challenge in your running routines, here are a few great ways you can make things interesting again and step up your game.

Bodyweight is Great, But Is Yours Getting Boring?
Bodyweight workouts are a great way to get in shape. But with only a few different moves at your disposal, they can feel a little limited and get boring quickly. If you’re finding that your workouts are getting stale, here are some ideas for changing and livening things up.

Burn Fat, Not Money
Gym memberships can put a major dent in your monthly expenses. But burning fat and getting the body of your dreams doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here’s how to do it … for free!

Buying Guide For Home Workout Equipment
Sick of paying gym membership fees? Want to find a more affordable way to get in shape? Pick up these small and affordable but very effective pieces of equipment and get in great shape in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

Do You Have An Inspiration Wall Yet?
An inspiration wall can help you stay focused on your goals, which can help you achieve your goals.

Exercises For Lower Abs
Getting definition in your lower abs can be the biggest challenge of getting great abs. Here are some exercises to help you work your lower abs for better definition.

Fartlek. Excuse Me?
Fartlek is a great way to improve your running speed and endurance. But what the heck is it?

Fat Loss Magic Isn’t Cheap … Or Real
Magic pills, potions and contraptions that promise you instant or easy results … they all sound too good to be true, and there’s a good reason for that. Don’t let yourself get scammed.

Find Your Way Safely Through The Fast Food Minefields
When you’re hungry and on the go, it’s easy to just pop into a fast food restaurant for an easy fix. But that’s not usually the healthiest option. Get these tips on how to order smarter to make your fast food meal healthier and less fattening.

Foods That Make You Fat
Some foods really just aren’t worth eating. They threaten your general good health and pretty much every weight loss plan. Keep these little devils out of your mouth and out of your body if you’re serious about getting healthy and lean, and staying that way.

Get More Respect (From Yourself)
Self-respect is a big part of losing weight and getting in shape. If you’re disrespecting yourself, you’re sabotaging your ability to get what you want. It’s time to change that. The first day of your life starts now.

Get Ripped Abs Without Ab Exercises
How do you get ripped abs without doing any ab exercises?

Get Toned, Defined, Flab-Free Arms
How do you get strong and toned looking firm arms? Eliminate flab and ‘bat-wings’ with these exercises.

Getting To Your Goals Takes Some S.M.A.R.T.s
Setting proper goals takes some practice but if you’re serious about stepping up your game, then you NEED goals. Learn how to choose the right goals for you.

Getting With The Program
It’s hard to get where you want to go if you don’t have a plan for how to get there.  A properly written workout program is an essential part of any fitness plan.

Got The Blues? Work It Out!
Do you find yourself feeling down in the dumps often? There’s a good trick for getting yourself out of that mood fast.

How To Become A Runner
Does the thought of becoming a runner intrigue you? It’s a great cardiovascular workout and a great way to burn fat. Here are my top two tips to getting started and enjoying it in the process.

How To Eliminate Excuses
Making excuses is the fastest way to sabotage even the best of intentions to get in better shape. So, start recognizing your excuses so you can stop making them and stop the sabotage.

How To Get a Tight, Toned, Firm Butt
If you want a tight, toned, firm butt, here are some exercises to perform that work your glutes effectively and efficiently.

How To Get The Right Mindset
It’s true what they say. Getting the right mindset is more than half the battle to getting slim, fit and healthy. But how do you get it? Right here:

Increase Your Running Distance, Speed and Endurance
Want to go faster or longer on your runs? Try these tips to build up your distances and endurance quickly.

Information Overload Leads To Analysis Paralysis
Don’t let the massive amount of information out there sabotage your best workout intentions by causing you to go into ‘analysis paralysis’. Recognize the symptoms so you can get on with taking action.

Intense Gym-Free Workouts
Sick of trudging to the gym for your workout but still want to get an intense workout that keeps you motivated and interested? Try these alternate training ideas.

Isometrics – What’s That?
A well kept secret, Isometrics are a great, alternative way to do an effective strength training workout.

It’s Possible!! Parents With Young Kids Can Get SUPER Fit!
Don’t ‘kid’ yourself. Stay-at-home Moms and Dads with small children can still get in shape … and GREAT shape at that. You just have to know how.

Learn How To Eat Like A Slim Person
It may seem obvious that slim people eat differently than overweight people. But is it obvious HOW they eat differently? Learn how to eat like a slim person and become one yourself.

Make Your Cardio Workout More Challenging and Effective With HIIT
Burn fat and get fit faster with these intense interval training sessions.

Motivation To Crush Hesitation
When you find yourself having internal arguments with yourself about whether or not you’re going to work out today, use some of these motivation tricks to get yourself off that couch and on with your fitness routine.

Music Motivates
The right music is a great way to increase your motivation and increase the intensity and effectiveness of your workouts.

Never Get Bored With Interval Training
Even though Interval Training is a great way to crank up an otherwise boring cardio session, sometimes even Interval Training can get boring. Here’s how to make your Interval Training interesting again.

No Equipment? Bodyweight Workouts Can Get You There
Even if you don’t have any equipment you can still get a great workout. Bodyweight workouts are fun and effective. Here are some of the top bodyweight exercises you can use in your workouts.

No Time? No Problem!
When life gets hectic, usually something’s gotta give in the schedule. More often than not the workout is sacrificed for other priorities, and that’s not a good thing. Find out how to get that workout in, even when your schedule is crazy.

Perfect Your Push-up
Push-ups are a terrific full-body exercise and one of the most important body-weight exercises you can learn. However, it’s easy to get your form wrong with push-ups. These tips will show you how to do them correctly.

Prevent Muscle Loss As You Age
We all age. That’s a fact. But with aging comes muscle loss, which can result the in loss of flexibility, coordination and mobility. It’s a condition called “Sarcopenia” but with the right exercises, it can be prevented.

Proper Form For Squats
Squatting is one of the best compound exercises there is. It builds your glutes and legs and gives your cardiovascular a workout too. But it’s important that you have your form right in order to work your muscles properly, avoiding injury and getting the most benefit from your squats.

Rejuvenate Your Workout
Is working out starting to get boring? Maybe you’re just in a rut … and that’s not very inspiring. Change up a few simple things and get motivated all over again.

Rocking a Great Home Workout For Cheap
Fitness can be a costly game. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s a lot of equipment you can buy for your home workouts but only a few pieces are absolutely essential.

Staying Safe And Comfortable During Winter Runs
Running in the Winter can be challenging. Cold climates, slippery surfaces. So, how do you get a good run in anyway?

The Facts About Cardio Workouts
Some fatloss gurus say “Don’t do cardio” while others swear by it. Why the huge difference of opinion? Here’s the truth about Cardio.

The Fountain Of Youth Is Real
The Fountain of Youth isn’t a myth, nor are its effects merely duplicated by creams, pills or surgery. It’s real and this is how you find it.

The Internet Doesn’t Always Tell The Truth
If you work out at home, getting your form right is extremely important. But without the help of the people you can find in a commercial gym, how do you figure it out?

The REAL “Right” Time To Eat
The confusing path to weight loss is paved with well-intentioned but misleading advice. Stop confusing yourself with endless string of ‘dos and do nots’ about what and when to eat, and follow this one simple rule for sure success.

The Weight Loss Equation Simplified
Everyone’s got a trick to sell you when it comes to losing weight. Here’s the real ‘trick’ and it’s not much of a trick after all.

Things You Didn’t Know About Weight Training
Training with weights gives you more health benefits than you might think. Weight training should be part of every well-rounded fitness program.

Top Ten Effective Exercises
Looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout routines? Add these exercises in and watch your results skyrocket.

Warming Up To The Right Exercise
Sports and working out all require a good warm-up to start off. But, are you warming up the RIGHT way for your specific sport?

When (and How) To Train With An Injury
The unthinkable has happened and you’re injured. Do you stop working out to heal? Do you really want all that hard work you’ve done up ’til now to go to waste?

Will Eating Fat Make You Fat?
Many people think that consuming fat will make them fat. This isn’t true and avoiding fat can actually be harmful to your health and could even sabotage your fat loss goals.

Women: Worried About Bulking?
Too many women are still afraid to weight train, worried they’ll bulk up and look too muscular. This fear is unfounded and is severely limiting their progress towards the body they are trying to achieve. The truth lies here.

Work Out With More Energy
Do you work out when your energy levels allow for the best workout possible? Or when your schedule dictates? Take a closer look. You may not be working out at the time of day that most benefits you personally.

Work Those Legs To Look Better At The Beach
Don’t be that guy or gal at the beach this year that has the great upper body but tiny chicken legs. Make sure you get some good leg workouts in before Summer gets here.

Working Out At Home Versus The Gym
Not sure if working out at home or getting yourself a gym membership is the right direction for you? This handy comparison will help you decide.

Your First Pull-up
Think you can’t do pull-ups? Think again. Learn how to train yourself slowly to do your first pull-up. Once you can do one, you’ll find that doing more will come quickly.

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