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Exercises To Strengthen Your Upper Body

Ever wish you could carry more groceries in from the car all at once, hold your kid for longer, get that heavy item off the top shelf, open a brand new pickle jar without assistance, or maybe even arm wrestle your best friend into submission?
Build A Strong Upper Body
If you can’t do these kinds of things as well as you’d like, you may have a weak upper body.

Fortunately there are lots of great, simple exercises you can do (in the comfort and privacy of your own home) in order to build more upper body strength.

One of my subscribers says she has extremely strong legs but a very weak upper body and is looking for some suggestions to get her upper body caught up to her lower body.

Here are some exercise ideas for anyone who’s just starting out and is hoping to strengthen their upper body.

Then, after you’ve built a little bit of strength, to continue building strength more efficiently, reduce your rep ranges to between 4-6 reps per set and increase the weight you’re lifting so that you’re still hitting failure at your final rep in each set.

And once your upper body gets caught up to your legs and you get more experienced with the basics, try throwing some full body compound moves into the mix, such as Squat Presses and Lunge Curls, to work your legs as well as your upper body all at once for a more efficient and complete workout.

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