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Tricks To Help You Stay Motivated

Terrence asks the very simple question “How do you stay motivated?“.

The question is simple, but the answer is NOT.

Motivation can be a tough nut to crack.Tricks To Stay Motivated

Just the thought of getting sweaty and uncomfortable can be enough to keep you snuggled up on that couch or in bed.

The mind has a way of coming up with a million excuses why it should be okay for you to skip your workout today.

You’ve got to find ways to override that little voice in your head telling you to bail.

Sometimes you need a few good ‘tricks’ to get you up and on with it …

… even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it.

If finding motivation on a consistent basis is one of your challenges then these little tricks to get you going will really help you out:

Find a way to invalidate any excuse that little voice in your head might come up with to help you get yourself to your workouts on a consistent basis. Do it often enough and getting your workout done will become a habit. Once it’s a habit that little voice will no longer be there.

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