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Train To Do Pull-ups

Ever thought pull-ups look like a great exercise (they are!) that you’d like to add pull-ups to your workout routines?

But you’ve tried to do ’em and you can’t even do one?How To Do Pull-ups

One of my “Hot at Home” customers, Margaret, is having that very dilemma.

But she also confesses to having very weak back muscles.

So, while there are some tricks she can use to gradually train herself to do pull-ups, first things first.

Before she can hope to do pull-ups, she needs to get stronger with some other exercises first in order to get those back muscles strong enough to support her during pull-ups.

And once her back is stronger there are a few tricks she can try in order to train to do her first pull-up (which I’m positive will be closely followed by many, many more).

Here are the back strengthening and pull-up training tips I have to share with her today:

Margaret, with these back strengthening tips and pull-up starter exercises, I have no doubt you’ll be pulling them off like a champ in no time. Good luck!

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