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Tips To Strengthen Weak Wrists

You already know that resistance training (also known as ‘weight training‘ or ‘strength training’), is a great way to build muscle and burn fat.

So, you’ve incorporated a good resistance training program into your workout schedule.

Strengthen Weak WristsBut your workouts can oftentimes be sabotaged by weak wrists.

This isn’t an isolated problem. In fact, this is the exact problem that many people have.

And Margaret, who asks this week’s question, is one of them.

When she’s performing planks or other weight training exercises that put a load on her wrists it becomes frustrating for her because she has to give up the exercise long before her body has been exhausted just because her wrists aren’t up to the challenge.

Margaret wants to know how to strengthen her weak wrists so they can keep up with her good intentions AND the rest of her body during her workouts.

If you’re in good company with Margaret and also have weak wrists, give these simple exercises a try for a few weeks to strengthen them and get on with some effective and challenging workouts without your weak wrists sabotaging your best efforts.

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