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Exercises To Strengthen Lower Abdominals

Many abdominal exercises fail to work the lower abdominals.

In fact, working with exercises that may neglect the lower abdominals can lead to weaker muscles in this area.

Lower Abdominals Exercise Hip LiftsA “Hot at Home” subscriber feels her lower abs are a bit weak and wonders what exercises she can do to strengthen her lower abdominals and get a sexier looking waistline.

Now, hold the phone a second …

There’s more to getting a slimmer waistline than working the heck out of your lower abdominal muscles.

Of course, I’ve got a few exercise suggestions to help her strengthen her lower abdominals.

But, I also have a few other tips that will help her to get a sexier, toned looking tummy FASTER than by strictly working at strengthening her lower abs with targeted ab exercises.

If you’re interested in flattening your belly, strengthening your lower abdominals and getting a toned waistline, then this will interest you, also:

Keep working your abdominals to build sexy muscle but never forget that to burn fat off your abs, you must burn fat off your whole body. Spot reduction is a myth, so practice good nutrition, watch those calories and do full-body exercises that will not only work your abdominal muscles but will also help you burn fat faster. Ab exercises alone just don’t cut it.

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