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Can Strength Training Sabotage Weight Loss?

It’s (finally) starting to become mainstream knowledge that strength training, for both men and women, can produce incredible results when it comes to burning fat and losing weight.

And it’s also becoming more common knowledge that strength training is the MOST effective if heavy resistance is used.

Lose Weight Strength TrainingYep, you have to give those muscles a REASON to change if you want them to ACTUALLY change, and going heavy is the way to do that (as opposed to flailing around doing hundreds of reps on light weights you can lift all day long without any effort, which accomplishes next to nothing).

But Laura, who asks this week’s question, is feeling concerned about her strength training and weight loss efforts since it seems that every time she increases her weights and lifts heavier, she seems to gain weight immediately afterwards.

She assumes she’s gaining muscle (and losing fat) which is what is making her weight go up. But, is she?

What can she tweak that will help her make it to her goal of losing another 20lbs before her insurance assessment in August?

Don’t give up lifting if you’re trying to lose fat. And don’t be afraid to continue lifting heavy. It will definitely help you get where you want to go. But keep an eye on all those other factors that could be what’s actually sabotaging you.

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