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Reducing Leg Fat

The ‘Problem Areas” on our bodies can be frustrating.

Regardless of whether it’s your hips, your abs, your arms, your butt, or, like my “Hot at Home” subscriber Issey, your legs, trying to get that fat to burn off that one stubborn area can present a major challenge.

Unfortunately, spot reduction, where you work at certain exercises specifically to burn the fat off a certain area ONLY, is just not possible.
Reduce Leg Fat
Exercising your legs in hopes of burning that fat off, will not specifically reduce the fat on your legs.

Doing leg exercises, depending on which leg exercises you’re doing, CAN burn fat off your entire body. But burning it off your legs specifically?

Sorry. It just doesn’t work that way.

However, there are some things that can be done to burn fat in your legs (or your abs, or your arms, or your hips, or your butt… or anywhere on your body).

If you’re having problems getting fat off your problem area, regardless of which body part is frustrating you, then these tips will help you out:

Get to work on burning fat off your entire body and eventually the fat on your problem areas will come off, too. It may feel like it takes longer, but it WILL happen sooner or later. And, with proper body-measuring and tracking you will be able to see your progress instead of just eyeballing it and assuming nothing is happening.

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