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Is A Physical Job Enough Of A Workout?

Many people hold jobs that are very physically demanding.
Is Being A Construction Worker A Good Enough Workout
Construction workers. Physical rehab therapists. Personal trainers. Animal trainers (at least I assume that would be a hard job). Those guys that help you move your furniture when you move into a new home. Farmers and harvesters.

Yep, those guys work HARD to earn a living.

Roger is a construction worker and he feels frustrated when he hears people saying things like “I don’t need to work out, my job is enough of a workout”.

Is Roger justified in his frustration? Or are these guys RIGHT?

Does what they do for a living give them enough of a workout that they don’t need to hit the weight stack or do additional cardio when they’re not at work?

Well, yes … and no.

Roger also has a point to make about this very subject, and I think it’s a darned valid one.

Check it out:

Even if your job may be physically taxing, adding in some functional training could actually make your job easier to perform day in and day out, and could also increase your fitness levels, and your overall health.

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