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How To Overcome Running Discomforts

Running is a great full body workout … and it’s also fantastic exercise to keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Running Is Great ExerciseBut, if not done correctly, running can lead to bigger discomforts than just the discomfort of a good, hard workout.

Sometimes it can even lead to outright PAIN.

One of my “Hot at Home” customers, Kelly would love to be an experienced runner but she gets sometimes gets shin splints and also can’t seem to get control of her breathing and ends every run feeling exhausted instead of energized and refreshed.

Well, first of all Kelly … after a run even *I* don’t feel ‘energized’ … a good run is hard work and it’s okay to feel tapped out at the end.

However, with proper control of your breathing you should able to get through your entire route without needing to stop and gasp for air … and it is possible to actually feel refreshed and exhilarated at the end.

And as for those shin splints, you may be able to overcome this problem with one very simple solution that only requires a tiny tweak to what you’re doing now.

If shin splints or lack of control over your breathing while you run are preventing you from becoming the kind of runner you’d like to be, then you will also find these tips very helpful:

One tiny tweak with your footwear could be all you need to change to banish those shin splints forever. And using this simple breath-timing trick should make a huge difference in your ability to control your breathing so you can enjoy more efficient and comfortable runs that leave you feeling exactly what you want to feel … exhilarated!

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