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Motivating After Your Goals Are Achieved

It’s the UNSPOKEN PITFALL of achieving long term weight loss and better health.

Even if you’ve reached your goals or are getting really close, the ability (or inability) to stay motivated can FAIL you.
Do Not Quit
And, when you’re exactly where you want to be it can be easy to forget that if you don’t stick with your regular exercise and healthy eating, all you’ve worked so hard for can leave you … oftentimes more quickly than you achieved it.

Georgette is having this exact problem.

She’s achieved all that she set out to achieve for herself (with the help of the “Hot at Home” program), but now that she’s ‘there’ she can’t seem to motivate herself out to her workouts anymore.

Since she’s not interested in progressing past where she is currently, it feels like WASTED time to her to spend time working out.

But whether she’s forgetting that one very important detail I mentioned above or not, the truth is that if she doesn’t keep going, at least at maintenance level, sooner or later she WILL lose everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.

I’ve got some extra motivation tips for her to keep going and not risk backtracking.

If motivating, at ANY stage of your progress, is a challenge for you also, then these tips will help you out, too:

Remember, long term weight loss and better health and fitness does not have a ‘finish’ line… getting to your goals is one thing, but KEEPING your results long term relies on a real lifestyle change that will ensure that you continue with your healthier habits for the long haul.

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