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Increase Grip Strength For Better Workouts

Having a strong grip is pretty important when it comes to getting an effective workout done and achieving your fitness goals.
Increase Grip Strength
If your grip gives out and forces you to stop performing your strength training exercises before your muscles have done all the work they’re supposed to or able to do, that can seriously limit your results.

Liliana, one of my very awesome “Hot at Home” customers and “PowerTools Coaching” clients, would like to be able to do pull-ups and chin-ups but she’s got a weak grip and it’s a problem that is interfering with her progress.

Therefore, she’s asking what kinds of exercises she can do to increase her grip strength so she can start training with pull-ups.

If your workout is suffering because of a weak grip, then these exercises will also help you overcome this challenge:

With a stronger grip your progress towards your fitness goals will happen even faster. Try a few of these simple exercises to train your grip and get it strong enough to keep up with the rest of you during your workouts.

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