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Handling People Who Try To Derail You

You’ve decided it’s time to lose some weight and get in better shape, so you’re working hard at developing new, healthier habits … like working out often, and eating right.

Then someone you love or work with comes along and does their best to try to derail you.

Offering tasty but fattening treats. Giving you lectures about how you’re going about it all wrong. Extending invitations that, if accepted, will require that you skip your scheduled workout. Admonishing you that you’re fine just the way you are and what you’re doing couldn’t possibly result in good things. Insisting that you eat something you don’t want to or you’ll insult them.

Just Say No To TemptationIt can be extremely frustrating and downright annoying.

Heck, some of these people may actually succeed in tempting you or otherwise sabotaging you. Then, after it’s all over, you’re left feeling like you let yourself down in some way.

One of my loyal subscribers suggests that this could be a huge problem for many people trying to lose weight and get in better shape.

She’s right.

This is a big issue for almost everyone with goals that their friends, loved ones and coworkers don’t understand or agree with.

I have a few suggestions for polite ways to stick to your guns and keep working towards your goals without feeling like you’re being rude or in some way insulting the person who’s trying to derail you.

If this is one of your barriers to getting to your fitness goals, this could help you, too:

Some of these people may be well-intentioned, and others may be trying to sabotage you on purpose (or for their own amusement), but there’s no rule that says you have to buckle to their wishes. Employ some of these strategies next time you’re faced with someone who’s trying to derail you. Keep your eye on your goal and don’t let them win.

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