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Exercise Modifications For Weak Knees

Of course we all know by now that exercise is important.

But, let’s face it, almost ALL exercise, whether it’s traditional workouts or playing sports, requires the use of your legs, which means you need to bend your knees in order to do it correctly.
Weak Knees
It can be pretty frustrating when you WANT to exercise but weak knees are preventing you from doing all the exercises you’d like to do or playing the sports you want to play.

This is Rose’s exact problem.

She’d love to do squats and lunges but she has weak knees and doesn’t want to sustain an injury just ignoring it and powering through it.

She also doesn’t want to skip out on awesome, fat burning and muscle building workouts just because her darned ol’ knees aren’t cooperating.

She’s wondering what kind of exercise modifications she can make to still keep exercising but also keep her knees safe.

If weak knees are standing (pun!) between you and regular exercise, then the following tips could really help you out as well:

If you have weak knees, one of the worst things you can do is NOTHING. All that doing nothing accomplishes is letting the muscles become even weaker. In order to strengthen them, you must use them. Therefore, some kind of therapeutic exercise will benefit you immensely. So see your doctor BEFORE trying any of the tips I just shared to make sure these types of exercises are right for you and your personal knee weaknesses. Then get to work on strengthening the muscles around your knees so you can enjoy the benefits whichever kind of physical exercise you choose to engage in.

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