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Eliminate Bat Wings or Under Arm Flab?

No one will ever deny that losing excess fat is a good thing to do for your health and general well-being, physically (and sometimes emotionally).

However, sometimes there are unexpected and unwelcome results from losing weight.Under Arm Bat Wings

Tina is experiencing one of these problems now and wants to know what she can do to solve her problem.

She has ‘bat wings’.

Bat wings are what many refer to as the loose skin that can appear under your arms … skin that jiggles and flaps when you put your arm up and wave your hand.

Under arm flab is no fun.

And loose skin as a result of weight loss is particularly frustrating … it can make you feel like you’re ALMOST to your goal and if it just wasn’t for all this loose skin, you’d be there.

Are there exercises that will help tighten and tone your arms? Sure.

But are there exercises that can actually help tighten or shrink loose skin under your arms?

The answers are revealed here:

Don’t worry right away if you have loose skin under your arms (or elsewhere) immediately after losing weight. Sometimes, once there’s no fat left to stretch your skin out, it will bounce back. Have patience before making drastic decisions.

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