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Carb Cycling and Calorie Zig Zagging

Boone tells me all about the new weight loss program he’s following lately which incorporates many different nutrition techniques intended to help him lose weight.
Calorie Zig Zagging
He’s working out regularly and practicing carb cycling, and calorie zig zagging techniques to manipulate his diet to help him get the fat off.

He’s also been very strict, without cheating even once.

That’s great … except for one thing.

He’s not actually losing any weight.

Boone is wondering if he should scrap the scale and start adjusting his training more often.

I think it’s not quite as simple as that and there are far more factors that need to be considered here to really dig down to the answer.

And, while carb cycling and calorie zig zagging may be helpful tools in the battle of the bulge, they may also be taking Boone’s eye off the most important thing that needs to happen in order to lose weight consistently.

If you’re also having trouble losing the weight you want to lose, these pointers will help you out, too:

Successful fat loss RELIES on calories consumed being lower than calories burned … and not just on a daily basis. If all that tricky carb and calorie manipulation is causing your calories to remain at maintenance over time, that could sabotage every effort you make forever. Re-evaluate total calories consumed and burned over time, rather than just on a daily basis, and then adjust accordingly.

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