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Tricks To Fit A Workout Into Your Busy Day

Let’s face facts. Life can get downright HECTIC.

Finding time to work out sometimes feels impossible.

And even though we KNOW that getting regular exercise is important and will help us feel good, look good, be healthier and stronger, there are days, weeks, sometimes MONTHS where it just doesn’t get done regularly … or EVER.
Finding Time For Exercise
One of my wonderful and committed “Hot at Home” customers knows working out is important for good health and longevity, and she always manages to find the time, but she also sees a lot of people letting it slide and reached out to me to help her reach out to others.

In fact, she used her question to ask me if I could share a little pep talk with everyone here with a reminder about the importance of exercise.

AND she also asked if I could share some tips on how to CREATE time in an otherwise busy day where people can sneak in a workout that they might otherwise feel they don’t have time for.

My pleasure! Happy to do it, and thanks for asking!

If finding time in a hectic day to get your workout done is one of your biggest challenges, these tips will really help you FIND some time and get ‘er done!

It’s easy to create time in your busy day to get your workout done if you know where to look for it! Try a few of these tips and be amazed at how simple getting some exercise done in a busy day can be.

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