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Healthier Bread and Carbohydrate Choices

Even with all the anti-gluten hype out there, are you still a bread lover?
A Loaf of Bread
George loves bread, too.

But, George’s doctor has asked him to go easy on the carbs.

So, he’s wondering about different KINDS of bread that may be a healthier alternative to the types of bread he’s currently choosing.

The unfortunate thing about this particular situation is that regardless of how healthy the bread is, it won’t adhere to what George’s doctor is asking him to do… which is to CUT DOWN on carbs.

But first things first …

What are the healthier bread alternatives out there that George could choose to at least get better nutrition from his bread choices if he MUST eat bread?

And second things second …

What are healthier carbohydrate sources instead of bread that George might want to consider implementing into his diet that won’t wreak havoc on his blood tests like bread seems to?

And third things third …

George doesn’t really WANT to give up bread. But… is it REALLY that hard to give up the almighty slice of bread?

If you’re considering cutting down on your wheat consumption or are interested in going gluten-free, or even just need another tactic to help you get and stay lean, then this will also be very interesting for you:

Give yourself a month without having any bread in your diet and see how it feels. Chances are you may not miss it as much as you think you will. And if you’re replacing it with a protein source, you’ll probably stay fuller longer on less calories, too.

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