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Get A Bigger And Better Butt

What does it mean to get a ‘better butt’?

For some it means making their butt smaller. But for others it means making it bigger, rounder and perkier.

Get A Perkier BootyMy newsletter subscriber Nina, would like a bigger butt … but she’s also concerned that in achieving a bigger butt she may also wind up with what she calls a ‘sloppy big’ butt.

But she’s only asking which FOODS to eat to achieve a bigger butt.

OOOOOPS!! There’s Nina’s first mistake.

Getting a bigger, firmer, rounder and perkier looking butt is NOT about which foods you ingest, per se.

There ARE no specific ‘better butt building‘ foods… and furthermore, overdoing it on the wrong foods can actually cause that ‘sloppy big’ butt Nina is trying to avoid.

Getting a better butt is actually reliant on the types of exercises that you do.

So let’s get Nina on the right track first and then go from there.

If you’re hoping to build a bigger, better butt then these tips will be very helpful for you, also:

Sure, eat the right muscle building foods, but without the right exercises food alone won’t get you what you’re after. So, get to work on the right glute-building exercises and you’ll start shaping your butt in the direction that you want. And before you know it you’ll be the proud owner of a bigger, perkier, rounder and firmer rear-end.

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