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Analysis Paralysis Sabotaging Your Results?

Knowing too much can equal getting NOTHING done.

That’s when you find yourself questioning everything and stuck in a state of wondering what the best next move is, without actually taking that next move.
Questioning Everything And Getting Nowhere
Or, it can cause you to pick perfectly good things apart in your mind because of misguided beliefs that something else is somehow ‘better’, and not allowing that perfectly good thing to perform the way it’s supposed to.

It’s called “Analysis Paralysis“.

One of my awesome “Hot at Home” customers has tipped his hand to me.

Yup, in his efforts to get where he wants to go even faster, he’s making a VERY common mistake.

He’s program jumping and trying to pick the ‘best of the best’ components (in his opinion) out of each of the MANY fitness programs he owns to try to fashion together the ‘ultimate’ workout.

I think he’s making a MASSIVE mistake. And this little tactic of his might be why he may not be making progress.

He also believes that if there were ‘one perfect program’ out there that he could follow, that would render all other programs redundant and he could stick with that ‘perfect program’ forever.

Nope. No way, no how.

Believing that is ALSO a huge mistake … at least if he wants to continue seeing progress from his fitness program.

If you’re jumping from program to program trying to find ‘just the right program’ or if you’re chopping up your many programs and trying to put together something ‘ultimate’ then what I have to say about doing either of these regularly is going to be very relevant to you also.

Here’s why these two ‘system-cheats’ to find a faster, easier way can lead to frustrating and seemingly inexplicable stagnation:

Program jumping is a huge no-no. So is chopping up programs and trying to piece-meal something together you HOPE will cover all the bases … at least if you want REAL results from your fitness programs. Follow your programs as prescribed and give them adequate time to deliver on their promises. You’ll likely see a huge change in how fast your results happen.

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