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The Fountain of Youth isn't a myth, nor are it's effects merely duplicated by creams, pills or surgery. It's real and this is how you find it.

The Fountain Of Youth Is Real
by Jackie Burgmann, author of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

It may seem that the "Fountain of Youth" is merely a legend or a myth. But it's not. While it's not an actual fountain you can dip your feet into, it most definitely is REAL.

But, how do we find this elusive and mysterious "fountain" that promises us extended youth and capture its powers for our own benefit? Fountain of Youth

Keeping trim and staying in shape present new and different challenges as we reach the age of 40 (and beyond)

While many of these challenges may be brought on by physiology, many are not.

Changes in our lifestyle are a huge part of what makes it 'seem' like staying in shape and keeping our weight under control is more difficult.

Consider that when you were in your teens and 20s, maybe even your 30s, it was likely that you were far more active than you become once you get into your 40s, 50s and up into your golden years.

If you take a moment to look into your past you can probably remember a lot of very active social outings and dates you enjoyed 'back in the day'.

Ski trips, evenings out bowling, games of tennis or soccer, rugby or football, skating rinks and afternoons rollerblading, mountain hikes, walks at the lake, ocean or park, days at the beach spent swimming, diving and playing volleyball or frisbee, and nights out dancing 'til the wee hours.

But, now that the 'exploring new frontiers' and 'dating' parts of life have mostly concluded and we become are 'more mature', settling in with family life and raising youngsters and pursuing our careers, what do we do? Dining. Movies. More dining. Cuddling up on the couch, watching TV. Hanging out in front of the computer. And more dining.

See the difference? Not a lot of movement required for these 'more mature' activities, is there? And, what's worse, there are a lot more calories involved. Movie munching, TV snacks, dining out at restaurants that may not even have much in the way of 'healthier, lower cal' options on the menu (and since dining out is usually supposed to feel like a 'treat' choosing something less healthy can become an gut-busting, regular habit that catches up with you quickly).

While we may not have paid too much attention to eating healthfully when we were younger, portion sizes weren't so huge back.
How To Stay Young
This resulted in us eating less back then than we might now (thanks to the evolution of food marketing and inexpensive super-sizing of portions represented as a 'value' worth taking). And we got a lot more activity to burn off the calories we consumed.

And then we wonder why that one hour in the gym twice a week isn't keeping us in the shape we 'used to be in'. The answer is clear.

So, before you start blaming your age and metabolism and begin pumping yourself full of calorie-laden supplements that may not even be what you need, first take a very close and honest look at your lifestyle.

It's pretty likely that with a tweak here and a workout there (and a smaller, lighter, healthier meal here and there and everywhere), you'll find it a whole lot easier to manage your fitness, health and weight control, regardless of your age.

Plus, as we age and become less active, adopting that less active lifestyle can wreak havoc on your metabolism. Less movement = less muscle mass = slower metabolism.

However, the good news is that it is possible to get your youthful metabolism back. Get into a regular habit of working out (and make it count by giving it all you've got) and do it often. This will go a long way to getting your metabolism back to its 'old self' (aka: its 'young self') and turning your body back into a fat burning machine.

Be sure to do some good hard cardio sessions like HIIT, endurance running, cycling hills, swimming or long, fast powerwalks at least 3x a week (in other words: strolling and window shopping do not count). These kinds of workouts will keep your cardiovascular system healthy and strong and also burns calories and fat very effectively.

And also incorporate some kind of intense strength-training into your life at least 3x a week. But there's one stipulation that you must adhere to: you need to lift heavy.
Stay Youthful With Proper Exercise and Nutrition
In order to change and build your muscles to increase their strength and fat burning abilities, which then improves your metabolism, you must give your muscles a REASON to change. Lifting something that weighs less than your purse or briefcase won't accomplish anything.

This adds up to getting intense exercise at least 6x a week.

The harder and heavier you make your workout, the more fat-burning lean-muscle and cardiovascular strength you'll build and the higher your metabolism will be. This will serve you well to maintain your youthful energy and appearance as you head into your 40s, 50s and beyond. So make it hard and make it count.

So forget trying to replicate what the "Fountain of Youth" promises with creams, potions, pills or injections and surgeries.

Go for the real "Fountain of Youth" instead with proper nutrition, healthy eating and a regular, high-intensity fitness routine as part of your lifestyle. It really IS the "Fountain of Youth".


Looking for your own "Fountain of Youth"? Jackie knows how to capture and retain youth through the power of nutrition and proper fitness. And she explains it all in detail in her premiere home workout system she called "Hot at Home". Grab it now.


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