Motivation To Crush Hesitation
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

If you ever have one of those days where you know you should workout, and it’s even scheduled into your day but you just don’t WANT to, I know exactly how you feel.

We all have days like that sometimes. It can be way too easy to talk yourself out of doing something you know you should when your mood overrules you and says "screw it".

Finding excuses is easy. Today Stay Motivated

Finding reasons you should do it anyway is hard.

For times like these, here are some cool little tricks you can use to convince yourself you should get your butt up off that couch out the door to your workout.

Have an argument with yourself.

I’m not kidding.

Let one half of your inner dialogue be the ’slacker’ and the other side of you be the ’army sergeant’.

Get mad at yourself.

Yell in your own face.

Call yourself a whimp.

Whine, plead and cajole.

Do whatever it takes to get thoroughly fed up with you being in your own face so much so that it makes you want to do anything to shut yourself up.

Then go shut yourself up! Go work out.

One of my favorite tricks is to remind myself that life is long (years and years) and surely I can spare this upcoming 40 minutes out of my whole life to get my workout done.

40 minutes?

Yes, I can spare 40 minutes (or however long your workout is) to make my life better and easier to live.

I find it pretty hard to argue with myself after I’ve reminded myself that I really can spare 40 little minutes today to feel better and look better.

Which leads me to my next trick:

At the end of my workouts, I make a point of focusing on how I feel and firmly planting that feeling in my brain.

Then, when I’m having a sluggish day, I tap into that memory.

I know I’m going to feel better physically and emotionally at the end of the workout so if I can tap into that feeling when I’m having my internal struggle, it really helps me overcome it to get my butt out the door and on with the workout.

Another great trick is to not let yourself have to think too hard about it.

In the evening before bed, I put out my running gear or my weight lifting equipment so that when I wake up in the morning, there it is ... staring me in the face and really not giving me much reason to consider whether or not I’m doing it.
I can then just mindlessly throw on my clothes and go for it.

No thought. No argument. Just automation.

At this stage in my fitness journey, I admit that I don't actually need very many tricks to motivate myself out the door anymore. I've now made fitness such a priority in my life and such a regular part of my life on such a regular schedule that I now find its just habit.

I get up, I get changed, I get out, I get on with it. Sometimes before I’ve even had a chance to decide if I ’feel like it’ or not.

If you can utilize these tricks I’ve just provided enough times to make it habit for you too, you won’t need the self-trickery anymore either. Working out will become habitual. You'll just do it automatically because it will become part of who you are.

And THAT'S when you'll know you've conquered that mysterious thing called "Mindset" and are on your way to getting in the best shape of your life ...

... and STAYING that way throughout your life.

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