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It may seem obvious that slim people eat differently than overweight people. But is it obvious HOW they eat differently? Learn how to eat like a slim person and become one yourself.

Learn How To Eat Like A Slim Person
by Jackie Burgmann, author of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

It's no surprise that slim people approach food differently than overweight people.

But it's knowing exactly HOW slim people behave around food, and how they eat that can help people struggling with weight issues learn new, healthier habits and finally get to their goals.
How To Eat And Still Stay Slim
The facts are: food tastes good and it's fun to eat ... and that's exactly why it's easy to lose control and eat too much.

And yet there are people who don't seem to put ANY effort into controlling their appetites. It just seems to come naturally.

Are slim people just 'lucky' with ultra-high metabolisms so they can eat whatever they want whenever they want? No, that is almost always not the case.

So, why can some people stay thin without any visible effort and why does it seem nearly impossible to others?

Surprisingly, it boils down MOSTLY to behavioral choices (not ailments or physical conditions ... subconscious behavior alone is the most significant difference).

As a matter of fact, it’s been proven in research studies that the way overweight people and thin people behave around food are completely different, as a general rule.

For example, at a buffet table slim people tend to sit facing away from the buffet while overweight people tend choose their seating so they face it.

Slim person's reaction: out of sight, out of mind, not tempted, stop eating when full.

Heavy person's reaction: see food, want more food.

It's a subconscious thing but it makes a difference.

There are many other differences, so if you’re someone who is trying to change your behavior with food, here are some other behaviors to work on adopting that will go a long way towards adopting those 'slim person' habits and becoming a slim person yourself:

Chew your food slowly.

Slim people don’t usually bolt their food down like it’s the first time they’ve eaten for a week.

Chew 30 times per bite.

It doesn’t affect your calorie consumption but it does slow you down, so you recognize that you feel full when you actually are full, rather than eating past the point of ’just full’ to ’past full'.

Thin people generally stop eating when they START to feel full, not when they’re beyond full and feeling uncomfortable. It’s just their natural predisposition to stop at this point.

The slower you eat the more likely you'll feel that full feeling when it happens, and not 5 -10 bites later when it's already too late.

Another tactic to slow yourself down is to put your fork down between bites.

Feel free to have long conversations with your dining companion between bites (be animate with your hands), take a sip or two of water, give your hands something else to do between bites.

Food isn't usually the MAIN focus for a slim person when dining out. They're focused on conversation and camaraderie and being social.

BUT: do not engage in conversation while your mouth is full.

If you're taking time to put your fork down between bites and having conversation with your dinner companion, don't be afraid to make your companion wait for the answer to that question they just asked until you have chewed thoroughly and swallowed.

Smaller Portions Help You Stay Slim Don't chew in a rush and gulp your food just to get your answer out quickly. They’ll wait, and its worse manners to talk with your mouth full than it is to make them wait.

Force yourself to take smaller portions by using smaller plates.

But don't sabotage this tactic by filling your plate to overflowing.

Thin people tend not to fill their plates as if assuming they won't see food again for several days. They know they will and it will be soon enough to avoid starving.

Don’t assume at the beginning of the meal that you need that plate filled with food just to get full enough to last you until your next meal. Chances are pretty high that you won't be stuck in the desert without food for the next 12 hours.

Eat a little bit then see how you feel. It’s likely you won’t need as much food as you initially thought, once you’ve had your first helping.

So, go back for seconds only if you are absolutely still feeling hungry after your first helping.

Don’t finish everything on your plate.

It can be surprising, if you pay attention to this when dining out with an 'always have been thin' friend just how often and how much they leave on their plates, because they’re ”full enough”.

Practice this one. Get into the habit of assessing how full you are after each and every bite. As soon as you recognize that feeling of satiety, it's time to stop, regardless of what's still on your plate.

If you leave food behind it will not help the starving kids in China like our parents always preached but it will help you get or stay slim, so let go of the guilt and leave what you don't need.

If you are full enough, STOP.

Eat only when you actually feel hungry. Not because of habit or for comfort.

It's shocking how much mindless munching our society engages in. Don’t eat in front of the TV, while reading or doing anything else that takes your mind off what (and how much) you're putting in your mouth.

Eat only when you can pay attention to what you’re eating and how you’re eating it.

And finally, don't eat from the container the food came in. Prepare a proper serving and move away from the package while you eat.

Portion out an amount that makes sense and put your food on a plate or in a bowl. Then move away from your serving area and eat your food at the table, not over the kitchen sink or standing in front of the fridge. Eat Like a Slim Person and Become a Slim Person

You'll eat more slowly, you'll be unlikely to eat the entire package if you have to go back to the package for a 2nd helping AND you'll be mindful of what you're doing, all of which will help you consume less.

Sometimes it just takes a tweak or two in your level of mindfulness and a slight adjustment in behavior to avoid getting out of control with food.

Try these simple behavior modifications and you'll be surprised at how much less you're inclined to eat, generally.

Once you've mastered these few new behaviors for yourself, you’ll also be eating like a thin person, and well on your way to becoming one.


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