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Sick of trudging to the gym for your workout but still want to get an intense workout that keeps you motivated and interested? Try these alternate training ideas.

Intense Gym-Free Workouts
by Jackie Burgmann, author of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

When it comes to getting an intense workout, the first thing people usually think is that it's time to head to a gym to get your sweat on.

However, it's not necessary to be in a gym to get an intense, interesting, and motivating workout.
Tire Flipping Is A Great Alternative Workout
There are tons of methods out there when it comes to exercise.

Try these alternate workout methods sometime and discover how much fun you can have during a workout:

Tire Flipping.

You might wonder how this works. It's not complicated at all. All you really need is a crazy big tire (like something from a tractor or one of those "Monster Trucks" you see at those nutty truck shows) and a big outdoor space that you can thrash up a little bit (like a back alley or a big backyard or a gravel field).

Then, just start flipping.

How to do it?

Lie the tire on its side, get into a squat position (keeping your back flat at all times), hook your fingers under the tire and lift until the tire is on its treads, then push it over until it lands on its other side. Repeat... and repeat again... and again.

The key here is to make sure the tire is heavy enough to give you a decent workout.

Just keep flipping until you are exhausted. It won't be long until you are. It's a great full body workout.

Try Climbing Rope For A Great Full-Body Workout Rope Climbing.

Another cool way to get a different and fun but intense workout in is Rope Climbing.

You'll need to find a rope or two and you'll need somewhere high up to hang it from but once you've got that set up, this is also a great way to get full body workout.

Don't kid yourself that rope climbing is really only going to work your arms and back. You'll quickly discover that you can use your legs, core and engage almost every muscle group on your body to get yourself up those ropes.

Stone Lifting and Tossing.

Stone Lifting is another crazy alternative way to get a major workout jam packed with intensity. The best part is you don't even have to pay for equipment.

Head down to your local park or beach and find a big, heavy stone and just start heaving it around.

Lift it over head like you would a barbell during shoulder presses, throw it and chase it, pick it up and throw it again.

Use the stone to do some bicep curls. Hold it in front of you or above your head while you do some squats or lunges. These are all great ways to use a heavy, misshapen stone in your workouts.

And the fact that the stone is not like conventional equipment in that it's an awkward shape makes it more challenging to lift.
Try Stone Lifting and Tossing For No-Gym Workouts
The irregular shape gets more muscle fibers firing in your core and in the muscle group specifically being worked to help balance you and to compensate for the awkwardness of the lift.

It's a great way to get strong and in great shape fast ... plus you'll get some fantastic functional training done as well.

For the record, "Functional Training" is one of those things that makes it easier to just live life. Want to get more groceries in from the car in one trip? Or pick your kid up and carry him around while you do a chore or cook dinner? This is what functional training can help you with.

Life isn't lived with equal weights on each side for everything you do throughout life, and neither is functional training.

So get out there and flip some tires, climb some ropes and lift and toss some stones.

You'll get in great shape fast, gain some functional strength and balance, which will make those chores suddenly seem that much easier.

Have fun with it!


Love the idea of getting a great workout without the hassles of the gym? Then check out "Hot at Home" and get in the best shape of your life without ever stepping foot into a commercial gym!


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