How To Get The Right Mindset
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

It should be no secret by now that making a fitness regime into a habitual thing is a sure way to make it stick.

But, actually making working out regularly a habit in your life can be particularly challenging.

There are a lot of hurdles to overcome. However, most of those hurdles are in your head.
Unlock The Potential of Your Brain
Yes, at first it all feels totally impossible, there’s so far to go.

The weights are heavy and it’s uncomfortable to lift something that heavy.

The long cardio sessions just seem to drag on forever and the short ones hurt.

If you let yourself, your workout can wind up being one big whiny excuse making session.

The one thing anyone truly serious about getting slim, fit and healthy needs to get straight on is that it IS possible to do it.

It IS ALSO possible to enjoy it.

And it IS possible to get over that hurdle between “I hate this” to “I love this and can’t wait to do it again”.

Do you know what that hurdle is called?

Before you keep reading, be sure you absolutely want to know what this hurdle is, because once you know, you’ll have all the tools you need to be a success and all your excuses will vanish.

At the very least your excuses will no longer hold any validity whatsoever and you won't be able to use them to stay stuck in your comfort zone.

Get ready because here it comes:

MINDSET ! Definition of Mindset

Yes, it's as simple as that. Get your head on straight.

To wrap your mind around the fact that it’s all totally achievable, you just have to BELIEVE it’s possible.

You have to believe YOU can do it.

And you even have to start believing you are ALREADY that person.

Because once you ARE that person, you cease to be THIS person.

This person?

You know... this "could be in better shape than this" person you’re living inside of now.

Do you want to BE a fit, healthy, thin, person with lots of energy and zest for life?

Then BE THAT PERSON. Make it a part of your identity.

To make it part of your identity, decide that is who you ARE, and this is what you DO.

Become, MENTALLY, the person you WANT to become PHYSICALLY.

You’ll be shocked at how your habits just shift automatically once you really and truly believe it.

Soon, you'll be hearing someone speaking words like this:

Get The Right MindsetNo thank you, I do not want that donut. 'Why not' you ask? Oh, because I’m fit and healthy and I avoid stuff like that so I can remain fit and healthy. I prefer a salad with some lean protein, thank you. That kind of food gives me energy to get a good workout done later, which in turn will make me feel fantastic... and that is vastly more important than 30 seconds of decadence throwing a hunk of junk down my throat that will only make me feel emotionally upset with myself and give me a lump of lead in my stomach to deal with for the next 2 hours.

By the way, that was YOU talking up there.

Yes, YOU !

When you truly believe in yourself and your abilities, and decide for yourself that is WHO YOU ARE, you will be saying those things ... out loud ... to real people ... and you’ll MEAN IT !

And once you mean it and your habits begin to shift, why wouldn’t real, permanent weight loss and better health be far behind?

You’ll have left your bad habits behind and your body will react accordingly (and thank you for it).

And THAT'S when you'll really be on your way to that wonderful, healthy and beautiful body full of energy and 'zest for life' that you've always wanted.

If you're doubting that simply deciding to believe something can actually make it happen, you're not alone.

Most people beginning a fat loss journey don't start out with a great mindset. They have to learn it and believe it when it seems impossible, too.

But those who ALLOW themselves to BELIEVE in themselves are the ones who SUCCEED.
How Mindset Works
You can be one of them.

If you put the excuses aside and decide this is who you ARE now and resolve to act accordingly, regardless of temporary discomfort or inconvenience, that action and internal resolve creates belief.

That belief, in turn, creates an alternate set of external 'default' actions and habits that you actually PREFER.

And the next thing you know you really ARE that person and you've manifested your beliefs into a whole new reality.

Trust that this is the process.

Mindset really IS more than half the battle. Make this small adjustment to yours and get ready to start your fabulous new life!

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