How To Get a Tight, Toned, Firm Butt
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Everyone appreciates a tight and toned butt. Heck, everyone WANTS a firm, perky butt.

But how to effectively get the butt you've always wanted can be a challenge.

And sometimes, what works best isn't always obvious.

So, let’s take a look at some of the exercises that help build lovely glute muscles (aka: your butt):
Great Glutes

Running is not only great for your cardiovascular system but absolutely rips up your legs and buttocks.

In my personal opinion and experience nothing tones your lower body like a good hard run.

When people consider running, many think of moving forward at a 'constant pace'. However, this is just one form of running and there are several ways you can get some good glute-building running workouts in.

Of course, the 'constant pace' running is endurance running. Once you become a seasoned runner, many find that you can get into a rhythm and go for what feels like forever.

Long runs can also create a a very 'zen-like' state internally, where deep thoughts can happen.

Personally, I find endurance running the most enjoyable form of running, for these two reasons alone.

Other types of running include incorporating hills into your endurance runs, sprint interval training (also known as HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training) and hillsprints.

Any of these running workouts are great for legs and glutes, as well as the rest of your body and your cardiovascular health.

The ones that add stairs or hills are likely to work your glutes the hardest and help build the muscles the fastest.

Which leads us to:


Stairclimbing is a great way to tone your butt and legs.

I'm not talking about those insanely boring stairstepper machines here either. I’m talking about good old fashioned stairwells.
Running Stairs is Great for Glutes
And it’s not hard to do or figure out. Just get to a stairwell and start climbing.

And keep climbing.

You can run, or you can walk, either way it's going to fire your glute muscles hard and help firm and tone your butt.

If you run out of steps because you got to the top, go DOWN.

If you have an elevator beside the stairwell, take it down and get back on your upward climb FAST.

Or just climb down. Going down stairs isn't as easy as it seems, especially if you're doing it for several minutes in a row and will also help give some extra training and definition to your quad muscles (think: 'sexy legs').

How fast you climb is only limited by your abilities. If you can run up the stairs instead of walking, then do it!

Or take two stairs at a time.

Or try some fun and interesting interval routines.

For instance: run one flight, take two steps at a time on the next flight, try squat jumping up each step with both feet on the next flight and so on.

Experiment with different ways to get up (and down) those stairs and work your butt hard!


Hiking is also a fantastic way to tone and sculpt your legs and glutes.

I'm not talking about a casual stroll through the woods enjoying the scenery here, either.

I'm talking about hiking on a mountain or at least a really hilly area.

Find somewhere with a steep incline and hike your way to the top of it.

Feel those glutes and quads burn! Sculpt that butt and those legs into works of art!


Weight training with the proper exercises is also one of the best ways to build a fabulous 'booty'. Squats are at the top of the list.

Grab your favorite strength training equipment (dumbbells, barbell, kettlebells, big rocks at the park, or something heavy from around your home), make sure your form is correct and get squatting.

Whatever equipment you choose, just make sure the weight is challenging for you.

I’ve never met a better weight lifting exercise not only for giving your backside a fantastic lift.

If you're choosing dumbbells, you can hold them at your sides or on your shoulders or hanging between your legs with a wider stance, or challenge your core and balance by only holding one on one side, doing a full set, then switching to the other side to do an additional set. The off-kilter weight will force your core to work harder to keep you upright.

And NO!! Ladies, you will NOT bulk up. Women just naturally do not produce enough testosterone in their bodies to build manly-looking muscle. If you want a tight, taut butt get over your silly fear, grab some iron and start squatting.
Lunges Build Great Glutes

Lunges are another great strength training exercise to help build great legs and buttocks.

Make sure you grab some dumbbells and make it heavy.

Try Split Squats as an alternative, too.

There are so many variations on the squat and the lunge that you can choose a different stance every day and never get bored.

So, get busy with any of the exercises listed in this article and you're well on your way to being able to bounce a quarter off your glutes.

You'll be fascinated as you watch your butt get tight, toned and firm before your very eyes.

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