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How do you get ripped abs without doing any ab exercises?
by Jackie Burgmann, author of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

There are a lot of people in this world who tight, toned, flat, and maybe even insanely ripped abs but most people don't really know how to get them.

Visit any gym and you'll see a large number of people doing lots of exercises specifically for their abdominals during their workouts.

But the physiques of these people never seem to change… they never achieve those beautiful abs they so fiercely work towards.
How Do You Get Ripped Abs?
There is a small detail that they're missing. Ab exercises alone don’t give you ripped abs.

First of all, it takes proper nutrition to help melt the fat off their body before any workouts designed for better abs can give them what they seek.

Working on ab exercises will not spot-reduce in the abdominal area only.

A good overall fat loss plan is required in order to be lean enough for the ab muscles to show.

But once the body is lean, there are some exercises that can increase the probability of getting fantastic looking abs.

And these exercises may not be what you think they are.


Deadlifts are a great full body exercise that not only hits your abs HARD but also works most muscle groups and jacks your heart rate through the roof.

It requires the correct form in order to keep your back safe from strain but this is an exercise that you will really feel working your abdominals.

Stand in front of a barbell (or two dumbbells) situated on the floor, bend at the hips and knees to get into a deep squat, grab the bar with both hands or the dumbbells each with one hand, keep your spin in a neutral position (don't look up to far or drop your head), and keep the bar close to your shins and your back flat.

Do the first part of the exercise move explosively: straighten your hips and knees to get to a standing position and push your hips slightly forward once standing.
Deadlifts Give You Great Abs
The bar or dumbbells should now be at your thighs.

Drop or lower the bar or dumbbells and start over.

Squat Clean
(add a press at the top if you want a really challenging super-full-body exercise).

Squat cleans require pretty much every muscle group in the entire body and hits your abs extremely effectively.

Start by holding a weighted (or unweighted, depending on your fitness level) barbell in front of you at your thighs.

The next step of this exercise is to get the bar to your shoulder level without actually moving the position of the bar. In other words, perform a deep squat at the same time you 'clean' the bar to your shoulders. You should now be in the bottom of a 'front squat' position and the barbell should be at the same level it was, in relation to the floor as it was when you were holding it in front of your thighs..

Next, without moving the bar, straighten your body until you're in a standing position.

Then, press the bar overhead into a shoulder press.

Lower the bar back to the starting position in two moves by reversing the press until the bar is back at your shoulders then reversing the 'clean' until the bar again hangs from your hands in front of your thighs.

Clean and Push Presses.

This is another challenging full body compound move that uses a barbell starting at the floor and ending above your head.

Getting through all the stages of this exercise to get that barbell from the floor to your shoulders and from your shoulders to above your head, and all the moves to get it back to the floor again will really work your abs hard and get your heart rate shooting through the roof, which also helps you burn fat in a hurry.

To do this exercise you basically combine a deadlift with a 'clean' and a shoulder press. Start in a deep squat with the barbell on the floor in front of you. Straighten while also snapping your wrists and snatching the bar up to your shoulders (this is a 'clean').

Once you're standing, allow your legs to help you 'push' the barbell into a press position. Bend your knees and hips slightly and use momentum to press the barbell overhead.

Return to the starting position in three stages. Lower the bar to shoulder level, lower again to get the bar hanging in front of your thighs, then crouch into the deep squat starting position.

Renegade Rows.

This is another terrific full body move that will work your entire body while giving your core a lot more to do than a mere crunch ever could.

Get into a push up position, but support your hands on two dumbbells.

This is commonly mistaken for an exercise for your back muscles. However, this one is really about core stabilization. Don’t make the dumbbells too heavy.
Renegade Rows Are A Good Ab Exercise
The trick is to stay in a dead straight pushup stance while rowing one dumbbell at a time up to your shoulders. Don't let your torso sway from side to side as you do this exercise and be careful not to let your feet lift off the ground. Keep your feet close to each other on the floor, because the further apart you place them, the easier the exercise is and the less you work your core while doing it.

Renegade rows will definitely get your core strong in a hurry, which in turn creates those abdominal muscles and helps flatten and tone your entire midsection.

Are you catching on to the theme yet?

Full body compound exercises are the REAL key to getting phenomenal abdominals.

So, no more wimpy crunches and ab rollers … if you want great abs, get your whole body involved.

Getting ripped abs happens fast when you're doing real functional exercises like these ones.


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