Get More Respect (From Yourself)
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

You expect your friends, family and partner to treat you with respect, am I right?

And I hope they all do. You deserve it.

But what about yourself? Do you treat yourself with respect?

If you're not staying active, eating healthy and watching out for other hazards (like harmful GMO ingredients and trans-fats) that can do you harm, then no, you aren't treating yourself with respect.

And again, you DESERVE respect. Even from yourself.
I was in that situation once. Then a friend took a chance and gave me the 'wake-up call' that I needed. She told me all the things I was doing that PROVED I was disrespecting myself.

If you are overweight or out of shape and it's making you miserable, it's time to start treating yourself with more respect.

I paid attention to what my friend said to me. And ultimately, it changed my life. Now I want to do the same for you.

If you're not sure how to get yourself out of the rut of disrespecting yourself, work through correcting these common mistakes (the same ones I was making) and you'll start feeling the respect coming from yourself just like magic.

Number one big mistake: You're eating way too fast.

Stop eating like it’s a race. Chew your food slowly, put your fork down between bites, don’t talk with your mouth full and make sure you can breathe normally while you eat.
Throw Out Junk Food

Number two huge mistake: Your kitchen is a dangerous booby trap.

Stop having all that cotton pickin’ temptation around. Get rid of the junk foods. Your kids and mate won’t starve if there’s nothing to eat in the house but healthy foods. Heck, you’re doing them a favor by chucking out that crap anyway.


Number three monumental mistake: Your let your emotions rule your hand-to-mouth disease.

Stop letting every little trauma give you an excuse for shoving comfort into your mouth. You are solely responsible for how you feel, and how you deal with those feelings. So, why feel worse because of further weight gain?


Number four mindblowingly monstrous mistake: You think starving yourself continuously is the answer.

Stop skipping meals or full days of eating in the hopes of dropping that weight fast. It’s a fantasy. Fat doesn't come off fast (so be patient with the process). Starve yourself past your own level of comfort and you open yourself wide to bouts of crazy binge-eating. You’ll soon be shoveling food in by the fistful again if you are so hungry you can’t see straight.


Number five unforgiveable mistake: You’re lazy.

Get off that couch now! Go work out for crying out loud. It’s good for you, it helps burn calories, it helps you lose weight, and it increases your life expectancy. Not motivated? Tough! Do it anyway!


Number six horribly horrible mistake: Your attitude sucks.

You don’t believe you can do it. Well, you can. People who were worse off than you have accomplished bigger goals than this one. It’s doable. But you just gotta really believe you can. And then turn your belief into action.


Number seven massively gigantic mistake: You don’t care enough to bother.

Sure you don’t. Don't expect anyone to believe you don't care about yourself. You're reading this article, aren't you? Deep down you know you do. Check your self-loathing at the door and decide for yourself that this is something that matters enough to truly commit to... and it’s just because you care what happens to you.


Number eight beyond comprehension mistake: You think any of these excuses is valid for any reason.

They aren't.
Love Yourself
Excuses are just that. An excuse to be lazy, an excuse to be overweight, an excuse to be miserable about it, an excuse to be unhappy in general. There aren't any excuses good enough to let yourself down and let your health go into the toilet. You are your one most valuable asset, so there’s no excuse NOT to take impeccable care of it.


Feeling a little beat up now after that? Well, good. You needed a kick in the pants... didn't you?

Don't forget that it's not like I never needed to hear these things in my own life. I did. Someone had the guts to tell me. Eventually I started listening… and look where I am now.

The body of YOUR dreams is yours for the taking. You just gotta respect yourself and TAKE IT!

If you regularly need a good kick in the pants like I did in order to stay the course towards your goals, then you've come to the right place. I've been there and I know what works and what doesn't.

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Hot at Home
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