Do You Have An Inspiration Wall Yet?
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Do you have a way to stay focused on your vision and your goals?

How do you stay solidly on the path you’ve chosen without wavering?

Do you keep your goals top of mind?

Or do they float in and out of your consciousness randomly, constantly changing?

If you didn't answer yes to the first three questions but that last question describes you best then it’s definitely time to get clear. Yes, it's time to employ some strategies and tactics to get you focused and keep you solidly on the path to success, whatever you envision that success to be.

And yes, "ENVISION" is the key word here.
Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare.
You guessed it. It's it’s high time you build yourself an Inspiration Wall, or 'Vision Wall'.

Your Vision Wall will work best to inspire you and keep you focused on your goals if it's always within your line of ... well... VISION.

Something you can’t get away from.

And why would you want to get away from your vision of your future success anyway? It should always be top of mind.

So when you're creating your Vision Wall, use an area of your home (or office) that cannot be ignored or looked past as you go about your day.

If you're ready to have some fun and get creative and you have your spot all picked out, here's what you do:

On that nice, central, busy area in your home, office or workout space (or all of the above) start plastering a prominent wall in that space with pictures of what you want to be, achieve, own, accomplish (if you're worried about ruining the finishing on the wall, then use an extra large bulletin board, or hang a HUGE sheet of paper to cover the wall first so you can glue and tape to your heart's content).

Use pictures that inspire you to reach for that goal as well, and it doesn’t have to be completely literal.

If you want to reach personal financial independence, what does that look like to you? A home you own outright? What kind of home is it? How big? Where is it located? Or a fancy high-end car you can buzz around town in? What make is it? What colour?

Find pictures of these things or that represent how you feel possessing these items. Stick them up there.

What about your fitness vision? What does your ultimate healthy and fit body feel like or look like in your own mind?

Do you want a set of six pack abs?

Load up that wall with as many pictures of the kind of abs that you want to have as you can find.

But, don’t distract yourself with details that don’t matter. Cut the heads off the pictures and put the cropped pictures up.

It’s a lot easier to envision yourself with those beautiful abs if someone else’s face isn’t staring back at you from those pictures.

How about a ripped back, biceps, chest, or shoulders?

Same deal. Find pictures of those body parts you desire. Or pictures that represent how you think you'll feel once you've achieved your goals.

Just start loading up that wall. Make the pictures overlap, cram the wall as full as you can with your vision. Get completely carried away.

Fitness Vision Board Then put duplicates of your favorite pictures in other areas like your kitchen (on your fridge or cupboard doors), bedroom, bathroom (on the mirror). Wherever makes sense for you and where you'll see your vision staring back at you all the time.

Making yourself a GREAT "Vision Wall" really works.

Get that goal in your face so much you can’t possibly forget it. You’d be surprised just how well it works to keeping you singularly focused on that goal when you can't ever get away from it.

This also works well for other goals in your life, such as career, home, family, life partner, retirement, hobbies, travel (the list just goes on and on).

All you have to do is find some pictures that inspire you and illustrate where you want to go and what you want to achieve in life, either short term OR long term, find a prominent wall and start gluing.

You'll be surprised at how your thinking shifts and your actions follow accordingly.

And, before you know it, there you'll be!

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