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Even if you've been experiencing great results from your current workout program, it's inevitable that you'll eventually hit a plateau or get bored with it. Here's a trick to get yourself off plateaus fast and get interested in your workouts again.

Avoid Plateaus And Cure Boredom
by Jackie Burgmann, author of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

You've been working out for a while now and have seen some results.

But now you've either hit a plateau and have stopped seeing results ... or you're just flat out getting bored.

Are You Bored With Your Workout? The stuff you've been doing up until now has been fun but enough is enough and you need a new challenge.

Does this sound like you?

I've been there, you've been there ... I think we've ALL been there.

The good news is that plateaus and boredom can be conquered.

The answer is simple. If you're not already doing them, start grouping your exercises into supersets.

Here's the concept: put two (or three) non-competing weight training exercises together into a set called a superset, do them in succession without rest. You'll soon feel your heart rate jack through the roof and that ‘muscle pump' make your skin feel tight.

Here's how to work it: when pairing up moves, choose non-competing exercises like a pulling move with a pushing move or a chest exercise with a back exercise where one body part can be resting while the other is working.

For instance, if you pair a “push” move like a chest press and a “pull” move like a back row then your chest muscles are working while your back muscles are resting, and vice versa.

Or try an upper body move like a chest flye and pair it with a lower body move like a squat.

Or you could even try a pairing a larger muscle group move like a back move with a smaller muscle group like a move for your calves or triceps. Although be careful with this kind of combination, because most back exercises require your biceps also work, so pairing a back exercise with a bicep exercise won't be quite as effective if you're exhausting your biceps while trying to work your back.

Now that you have your exercises grouped into pairs, take those two moves and do all the prescribed reps for the first set of the first move, then, without resting at all, move on to the prescribed reps for the 2nd move.

Then, again without resting, move back to the first move and do all the prescribed reps for your 2nd set.

Wash, rinse and repeat until all your sets are done.

You can do this for your entire workout, pairing up exercises and supersetting them, until all of your exercises are done in record time.

Doing your usual workout routine in supersets can really help alleviate the boredom that can be caused by all the rest periods between sets when you are doing a regular stacked routine where you complete a set of one exercise then rest, then repeat the same exercise and rest again (mostly because there won't be nearly as many rest periods).

Take a minimal rest in between supersets while you get a drink of water and set up your equipment for the next superset but don't rest during your supersets. Look how much time saved that you might have used resting, otherwise! Burn Fat Fast with Super Circuits

Now, if you want to make it even more fun and more challenging you can crank up your superset concept by grouping even more exercises into sets.

These are called supercircuits.

This is almost the same concept except you take your entire routine of 5 – 10 exercises and perform the first set for every move all in a row, in order, without resting, until you've done them all once. That's one supercircuit.

Then a quick, short rest to recover enough to do it all over again then get to work doing all the moves again in the same order, to complete supercircuit number two.

Another short rest period and then move on to circuit number three. Keep going for your prescribed number of sets until you've done your entire workout.

If you're already using supersets or supercircuits in your workouts but you're experiencing a plateau or suffering from boredom anyway, then it's time change your supersets or supercircuit around completely.

Try putting more exercises together into the same superset. If you're doing two exercises in each superset, increase to 3 or 4 exercises per superset.

You can also increase or decrease the number of reps you're performing with each set or decrease or increase the weight you're lifting with each rep.

Or change which exercises you're performing for each body part. If you're doing dumbbell chest presses, change it to push-ups. If you're doing dumbbell back rows, try doing cable / fitness band rows or hanging body rows.

Or, put your exercises in a different order. If you're working legs first, work legs last instead.

You can choose to do only one or two of these things for a quick adjustment on the fly, or change them all completely if you feel a need for an extreme modification to really confuse your body and get it out of its complacency fast (or cure yourself of your boredom in a big way).
Get A Better Workout With Supersets
You'll find supersets and superciruits are a fun, new and challenging way to get through your usual workout.

You'll get your heart rate up, you'll build muscle and you'll burn fat, all in an efficient, effective and interesting manner.

Now that's how to get off a plateau and bust boredom!


Plateaus are frustrating and boredom can really get in the way of getting an effective workout. "Hot at Home" includes over 40 weeks of fat-burning workouts that ensure you'll never get bored or stuck on a frustrating plateau. Get more information here: Hot at Home


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