A Devilish Way To Intensify Your Workouts
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of "Hot at Home" - The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Need a way to kick your workouts up a notch?

Maybe your workouts are starting to feel stagnant or stale?

Or you've hit a plateau?

Or, you're just getting plain old BORED?

Wait! All of the above, perhaps?

Here's a devilish way to give your workouts a kick in the pants and get them feeling challenging again.

Workout withe the Devil

Find yourself a workout partner. That's all there is to it.

But hold on one second ... I don't mean just ANY workout partner.

A GOOD workout partner needs to be a certain 'kind' of person.

You need to find yourself the workout partner from HELL (cue evil laughter here).

Sign up to work out with the Devil ... or at least find the next closest thing you can to the Devil.

There are many devilish types of people that would make great workout partners and not let you down in your quest for a hard, effective workout.

You know that one girl or guy you see at the gym every single time you're there that has the insanely toned, ripped body?

They got that way somehow and I'll bet they're annoying about it. You want to hear all about how to get ripped and then some? I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you all the ways they beat themselves up to get that way.

It's pretty likely they'll be a workout partner from Hell (I think I hear Cerberus barking).

I'd also bet they don't put up with whiners and excuse makers or any of that other self-sabotaging behavior. You can bet they'll be extremely prompt for your 6am workout and be banging down your door if you're not waiting out front ready to go.

I'd even bet that there will be no sympathy from your workout partner if you try to bail because of a lame excuse or something minor like a late night out (or up with a sick kid) or a papercut on your finger.

Trust me, you don't want to let THAT kind of workout partner down ... or waiting!

Partner up with him or her and benefit from their intensity (or should I say "insanity"?).

And welcome to Hell (mwahahahahahaaaaaaa...).

Hire yourself a Personal Trainer.

And not just any Personal Trainer. Especially not that Personal Trainer that will be soft on you and give you the sympathy eyes if you complain about something being too heavy.

Get yourself a Personal Trainer that used to be in the Army ... better still, get one that used to be in the Marines.

Do you see where I'm going with this one?

They won't be easy on themselves and they sure as Hell won't be easy on you. This person will be an excellent Training Partner from HELL ... Hell ... helllllll.... (wait, did you hear that dark and eerie echo just then?).

Workout with an Army Sergeant

Since we're talking about the Armed Forces now, how about finding a whole new collection of like-minded hard-core fitness goers by attending some fitness Boot Camp classes?

They're called "Boot Camps" for a reason you know.

They'll kick your butt hard. And when it's over you'll thank them for it (and ask for more). Well, if you're serious about getting in great shape you will.

You'll walk (or crawl) away from those boot camps feeling like you just walked out of (yup, you guessed it, that dark place...) Hell.

And you might even wind up with a whole new list of people willing to be your Hellacious workout partners.

So, kick up the intensity in your workout by finding yourself a workout partner from Hell.

It's a Devilishly good idea!

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