All I want to dois crawl into ahole and die...

You know that moment where you’re putting your pants on, and you know it’s going to be a close call? Maybe they’ll button, maybe they won’t…

… and then, as you squeeze and strain, it hits you: this isn’t happening… and you feel horrible, confronted with the reality that you’re too fat for pants that once fit you.

Well, that was me… blowing through my 5th size up.

Words cannot express how angry and humiliated I felt in that moment.

The lack of control… Smile

It gets worse, though… even more embarrassing, in fact…

... and I’ll share the rest of my sad story with you in just a moment.

For now, I need to be brutally frank and honest with you:

Listen, I don’t care what you’ve tried to improve the way you look…

It doesn’t matter whether you hate dieting or exercise…

Or even if you’ve totally given up hope…

Because I’ve been through all that and more, and I’m here to tell you that there IS indeed a way to get the body you want… the kind of body that looks hot in anything…

  • WITHOUT ever stepping foot inside a sweaty gym…
  • WITHOUT spending a fortune on exercise equipment you KNOW you’ll never use…
  • WITHOUT insane dieting, or emptying your purse on supplements or fake “new age vitamins”…
  • AND… WITHOUT ever even leaving your living room!

Yet, before we go into how that works, I want you to do something for me…

Take your left hand, and put it on the lower part of your tummy… right now…

Trust me, I get it.

My story, and more importantly, the solution I discovered MAY just restore your hope in loving the body you see in the mirror once again… IF you can follow a few simple steps.

I should also note that the controversial method I’m about to share with you is NOT for everyone. You’re free to leave at any point. I’m not here to waste anyone’s time.

My goal with this presentation is to show you how I transformed my body… and then help you do the same and get the body YOU want, from head to toe… in as little time as possible.

You see, I realized long ago that being “Ms. Nice Girl” was part of what kept me fat – and I had to be ruthlessly efficient to get my body back.

Picture this:

It’s a couple of weeks before Christmas a few short years ago, in the middle of a cold, stormy Wednesday afternoon…

I take the afternoon off work to go shopping and I want to do it secretly, so I don’t bump into anyone I know.

When you’re thin, it’s of course fun to have a friend to go clothes shopping with… to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend how you look in a new outfit… to try on a bunch of things… but now, in this state, trying clothes on is something I absolutely dread.

Each time I do it, I’m either confronted with the fact I can’t fit into clothes I KNOW were the right size for me, or I’m forced to buy large, baggy clothes that conceal my embarrassing extra weight.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not 300 pounds at this point… but I DO have a sizable roll of fat around my waist… a double chin… flabby, saggy arms… “thunder thighs”…

You get the point.

There isn’t a single part of my body that I’m not in some way embarrassed about, making it painful for me to look in the mirror.

Still, I know I need a new outfit for the holiday season, and I just want to get it done as quickly as possible and then forget the whole damn thing.

What makes this especially painful is that I wasn’t always fat… but the job I have is just kicking my ass.

Long hours, and lots of free, “nobody eats just one” foods like sandwiches, pasta, rolls, and desserts, has added almost 42 pounds of extra fat, mostly around my waist, thighs and arms, and NONE of my current clothes fit without being embarrassingly tight. Most of my good pants won’t even button up.

Or, if they do button up, they are so tight they make a “muffin top” around my waist, which makes the extra skin and fat hang over my pants EVEN MORE and look that much worse… not to mention cutting off my circulation and hurting like hell.

Sure, slim, tight clothes are HOT — when you’re thin!

All this is bouncing around in my head because, in one short year at this job, I've gained so much weight I no longer fit in the dress pants I wore last Christmas…

… and now I’m too ashamed to admit THAT to ANYONE I know.

Remember, at the beginning of this story, when I mentioned trying on a pair of pants and thinking they would fit? Only when you start to get them up your legs, you realize “uh uh, this is NOT working"…

… and even if you get them up around your waist, there’s no way in hell your zipper is getting closed?

This is what I feel on almost a daily basis -- with pretty much every single pair of pants I own.

I don’t have an exact word for that precise feeling you have when you realize your pants aren’t going to button up – but it is beyond awful.

Anyway, so I need new pants…

... and off I walk, sneakily through the rain and icy wind to the big mall a few blocks from where I live.

I walk briskly from my apartment to the mall’s entrance, again, just a few blocks away… and fast walking has me TOTALLY out of breath and sweaty, and I think to myself, “Seriously??”

Fat, sweaty and out of breath from walking down the street? You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

I just want to find what I need and get the hell out of there and AWAY from the Christmas crowds as fast as I can.

As I go from store to store to store the torture continues as I walk past all my favorite shops, seeing clothes that look great on those slim models, but realizing there’s no way in hell they will look like that on me.

I don’t even bother trying them on...

Anyway, here I am, feeling miserable and sweaty, walking around in a mall I don’t want to be in… SHOPPING when I should be working… searching DESPERATELY for a store to buy pants that match my “new” physique… I mean, can it get any worse?

Well, actually it can.

Because over and over, I can’t find ANYTHING that looks good on me - you’d swear these clothes are all made for models or petite little girls.

So, finally, I’m down to the last store and I’m forced to ask the saleswoman, “Do you have any bigger sizes?”

I HATE the feeling of saying that SO BAD my mouth actually goes numb...

Yet here I am, FORCED to ask for larger sizes than are stocked on the overflowing racks, hoping to FINALLY find a pair of pants to fit me comfortably.

She comes back and at first I feel relieved… relieved that I FINALLY found pants to fit me.

But now another kind of relief hits me… and, not the good kind of relief, either.

I ACTUALLY feel relieved that I had the FORESIGHT to take time off work to do this shopping trip because there is NO WAY I want anyone who knows me to see me trying on “extra large” pants.

But my relief doesn't last long… because suddenly, as I hear myself gush to the sales clerk how I've been shopping all day coming up empty… about how she just "SAVED MY CHRISTMAS" by selling me pants that fit me so I could look decent for the holidays… I feel the most intense disgust inside my heart.

Actually, it’s a more complex emotion…

It feels like a blend of being embarrassed, angry and hurt...

Item... with a touch of nausea thrown in for good measure. I suck it up, compose myself, pay and rush out of the store, leave the mall, and quickly walk back to my apartment.

Upon arrival, I open my front door, throw the bag down and just feel like crying.

As I hold back my tears, my sadness and humiliation quickly turn to rage… and I become furious that I’ve allowed myself to get into this position.

Thoughts race through my mind…

“I am better than this!”

“This is NOT who I am!”

ItemI swear that I am going to get in shape, or die trying.

I waste no time, immediately starting to research every possible way to shed fat and lean up, not settling for mainstream diet and fitness advice that has already failed me and so many others.

I read every 'seemingly' effective fat loss book, magazine, website, manual and textbook I can get my hands on.

I watch every video and listen to every webinar I can find to learn as many different kinds of exercises, workout strategies and nutrition tactics as I can. And, I’ll admit, I feel like a complete IDIOT… AT FIRST.

I’m even tempted to go back to the gym, which I had done when I was leaner, but I didn’t… it's just too damn embarrassing and unpleasant in my current state.

ItemI used to go to the gym all the time, but at this point, there is no way I’m going to be further humiliated while all those super-fit people watch me struggling to get in shape, or allow them to see me looking fat in my frumpy gym clothes while they all look fantastic.

I know I need to find the perfect way to get in awesome shape without ever going to a gym.

And I don’t just want to get in 'better' shape… I want to get in the best shape of my life. No more “jelly roll” around my waist… the butt I want… the flat tummy I want… being able to fit into tight, body hugging clothes and feel confident enough to go anywhere.

I know it’s not going to be easy… especially as someone over 40, with so many experts saying my “hormones” are no longer optimum…

… still, I have this feeling like there MUST be a way to look good again.

I don’t necessarily want a fitness model physique, or expect to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I just want to look great in clothes that FIT me, to be able to wear a nice cocktail dress and go out… to look hot in jeans and an everyday tank top.

I’m not asking for the world… just to look good… and maybe, once in a while, to look HOT.

And, if possible I want to make these changes to my body exclusively in the privacy of my own tiny city apartment.

Item So here I am, browsing fitness websites on my laptop, sitting on the floor in front of my couch, when I decide to get up. I put my computer down and turn my body around, and push myself up to a standing position with the couch as my base.

As I lift myself up, I feel my muscles strain hard to get my body off the ground, and the thought hits me, “This is challenging!”

So I dip down again, then push up. I do that several times until I can’t do it anymore and start to get out of breath.

“Hey, this is a workout!” I think. And I begin to wonder what else I can do on my living room floor.

From there, I begin trying every home exercise technique I can find, to figure out what actually works and what doesn’t.

From simple stuff like pushups and squats, to advanced sequences like you see in popular infomercial workout systems. I literally try it all, and buy it all.

Item I turn myself into a human guinea pig so I can really KNOW for myself which techniques work best versus those that are just hype and do nothing.

Now, I’m going to be brutally honest. There is no “magic miracle discovery” that hits me one day and melts all my fat away overnight. That’s just not possible, no matter what any fitness guru or diet book promises you.

What’s crazy is that, even though I’m so focused on trying as many things as possible and (often neurotically) documenting all my progress into a spreadsheet, I still feel absolutely SHOCKED AND DELIGHTED when I try on a pair of pants that haven’t fit me in a while.

Remember that horrible feeling you have in the moment when you realize your pants won’t button up? Or squeezing the fat around your waist and wondering if it will ever be gone?

Well, as bad as that feels, I have to say, the feeling of pants that haven’t fit you suddenly feeling LOOSE is the total opposite!

It feels like a million bucks!

ItemI am so unbelievably excited, I quickly take off these loose pants and I try on an even older pair of pants.

Guess what? Those are now loose, too!

And another… and another. I know I’m onto something! So I double-down on my efforts, testing out new techniques every night when I get home.

By throwing out useless exercises and just focusing on the most effective, time-efficient ones, it hits me: I am actually creating a unique SYSTEM.

I know it’s unique, because if it had been out there, I would have found it during my crazy search… and I would have saved myself a TON of time, money and painful trial and error.

The good news is that I finally stumbled on a way to quickly and rapidly burn fat FAST and get that 'hours-spent-in-the-gym' body WITHOUT ever stepping foot inside the gym.

Now, let me tell you something else you REALLY need to know before going any further.

This is me today.Arrow

I wish I could show you my ‘before’ pictures, but I was literally too ashamed to let ANYONE photograph me during my fat phase.

I'm now in my 50s and I’m still in the same incredible shape. My weight is not something I think about… ever.

Keep in mind, though… a transformation like this takes a little time.

Nobody loses 40 pounds of fat in a month. It’s just not humanly possible… and anyone who says otherwise is either deceiving you with tricky words, or promoting something dangerous.

What I can say is that if you ARE ready to lose up to 10 pounds of stubborn body fat each month… plus who KNOWS how many pounds of chronic bloat and inflammation… in the most efficient time possible… WITHOUT ever leaving your living room… then the method I’m about to reveal is for you.

I call it,

Listen, I can promise you’ve never seen a system like this before. And as long as you have a little time and a little motivation, regardless of your age, current weight or fitness level, just having it will move you one step closer to the body you’ve been dreaming of.

So, Will It Work For You?


Here’s a
quick checklist


Do you have a living room? (or ANY small, open space?)

I live in a high rise in the middle of the city and I did my workouts at home in my TINY 6'x6' living room - right in front of that couch I told you about earlier.


Have you ever been annoyed by the frustrating crowds, intimidating meatheads, and inconsiderate people stealing your equipment or leaving smelly sweat everywhere?

No more spending a bunch of money or putting up with all the crap that goes along with working out in a gym.


Do you have some trouble areas that make you a little embarrassed to be seen in public wearing tight gym clothes?

With HotAtHome, you’ll be burning fat in the privacy of your own home, no prying eyes judging you or smirking behind your back while you do your workout.


Are you busy or frequently tight on time?

You'll experience ZERO wasted time. Instead of spending your valuable time trekking to the gym every day, your workout will be done in a fraction of the time.

For most people, it takes HOURS to go to the gym, especially when you factor in getting ready, the commute, waiting for equipment, and so on. That’s why most people stop… it’s just too time consuming if you’re at all busy.

With the HotAtHome system, I’ll walk you through the entire process and everything you need to get in by far, the best shape of your life.

In as little as 2 hours per week, you can be burning more stubborn fat 24 hours per day, every single day so that you transform your body at the fastest possible rate.

Before I walk you through the process, let me explain a key concept you MUST understand to "get" why most people fail… and what makes HotAtHome so uniquely effective.

If you’re like most people, even if you’ve had the discipline to work out over an extended period of time, chances are you’ve hit a wall.

Some people call this a “plateau”… essentially you just stop getting results.

Plateauing isn’t horrible once you have the body you want and you’re just maintaining it… the problem is most people plateau BEFORE they hit that point, which is incredibly frustrating.

Here’s the IMPORTANT part...

Once you’re in this zone, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, your body doesn’t budge… and that stubborn fat, well, it just stays there, taunting you each day and destroying your motivation.

I knew that I whatever I did, I was going to have to address the body’s tendency to plateau, since that’s one of the biggest reasons why most people quit.

The answer is something called
“Structured Variability”…

... and it’s a precise, systematic structure that your body can’t figure out or adapt to, essentially “forcing” it to keep burning fat without ever plateauing before you hit your goal.

You see, our bodies actually WANT to have a slow metabolism. It’s evolutionary based on not knowing when the next meal will come and wanting to store fat in case we ever need it. Our biology is constantly looking for ways to adapt, slow down and conserve resources, including our fat.

“Structured Variability” essentially helps you "leapfrog" this biological adaptation WITHOUT you needing a Ph.D. in nutrition, or to ever even think about it.

The moment your body starts to get comfortable and slow down, another change occurs that triggers another wave of fat burning… over and over again. I know because I would document my measurements, calories and body composition in my spreadsheets, and adjust my structured variability formula based on the results.

Each and every HotAtHome workout is based on my Structured Variability Protocol… and this is a big reason why I never plateau'd… and why you won’t either.

Now, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the system.


It starts with a simple blueprint,
which I outline in the complete Manual...

Main Manual

This detailed, yet easy-to-use guide will help you get started immediately!

It helps you easily understand how the process works, the most common roadblocks, and most importantly, helps you quickly begin the workouts at home.

Right off the bat, you’ll think, “Wow, I can FEEL this working!” and yet you’ll be done before you know it because of the Structured Variability I mentioned earlier.

The workouts, while challenging, are actually FUN and doable no matter what condition you’re in right now… and you'll feel a rush of energy and pride the moment you complete one.

With this one guide alone, you could literally take it and lose all the weight you want… nothing more would be needed.

It’s PACKED with tips, techniques and strategies you’ll use to get your body where you want it to be, as quickly as possible.

You’ll discover:

  • How most people sabotage any chance of success before even getting started with a few overlooked “beliefs” that poison their mind and motivation.
  • How to set up “the only home gym you’ll ever need” in your living room, garage, backyard or anywhere else, in mere minutes.
  • The biggest MYTHS and LIES about how to get a tight tummy… and what really works.
  • How to choose the right weight in order to ensure each workout triggers a cascade of 24/7 fat burning hormones.
  • The single best (and worst) time to work out… most people ignore this and miss out on at least 50% of their gains!
  • Why “SuperStarter SuperCircuits” melt fat off your midsection faster than just about anything else you could do… in under an hour!
  • How to use “Maximum Mix-up” to chisel away at stubborn fat and trouble areas, making them immune to the pain of plateaus.
  • Learn “Compound Combos” that literally trick your body into burning fat on multiple fronts at the same time.
  • PLUS, an exclusive “Fast But Furious” workout that you can use to get stunning results even when you’re super pressed for time. You can literally squeeze this in almost any time, and continue your march toward the amazing body you know is possible for you… and it’s easier than you think.
What really works

All by itself, the “Fast But Furious” Workout is enough to help you shed both pounds and inches FAST, and it’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll get today.

Overall, there’s so much more I could say about the Complete HotAtHome Manual. It’s everything you need to hit the ground running and begin getting VISIBLE results your very first week.

Yet, that’s only the beginning of what I’m going to send you now.

Because I want to make sure there’s ZERO CONFUSION about each step in this process, I’m also including an exclusive “Video Library” where you can watch me demonstrate each and every exercise.

Viewable on your computer,
tablet or phone...

... this video library (and the accompanying guide) will take your hand and walk you through the ABCs of each exercise.

This will be your “go to” resource anytime you need to know how to do something, until the exercises quickly become second nature and you’re flying through the workouts on your own.

No confusion or guesswork, it’s all laid out for you. Just watch me, and then follow along, feeling it in your legs, butt, arms, and abs as the fat begins to melt away.

Yes, in as little as 2 hours per week you can cut ugly fat from your tummy, thighs, arms, neck and entire body.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re over 40, have 100 pounds to lose, or how much you’ve struggled with working out in the past, this can and will work for you, if you just follow my simple instructions a few times per week.

To get similar results at the gym, you’d have to spend at least DOUBLE the time, and double the money every month… and that’s assuming you know exactly what to do each day!

Does spending double the time and getting half the results
sound good to YOU?

Me neither!

Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of dollars you'd spend with no assurance you’ll make ANY progress at all. And most people don’t. They simply get frustrated and stop going… and then forget or refuse to cancel their membership because they’re too embarrassed they gave up.

Yes, I admit that I’ve paid for gym memberships for YEARS even when I wasn’t going AT ALL, simply because I had conned myself into believing I would go back and didn’t want to admit that I had failed.

Oh… and if you want to hire a personal trainer, forget hundreds, we’re talking THOUSANDS of dollars.

Doesn’t it make more sense to get HotAtHome and let ME be your personal trainer, help you burn fat at freakish speeds and get the body you deserve… right in the comfort of your own living room?

Of course it does!

I know because it not only worked for me, but also for the countless others I’ve shared these techniques with.

Check out what Cynthia A. from Chicago, IL says:

“Over the course of the past 3 months Jackie has helped me reach my fitness goals and set new ones. I am more consistent with my diet and workouts and have lost a full inch in my waistline which has allowed me to see better definition in my abs… and I have also dropped down from 130 lbs to a comfortable 123 lbs!”

Steph T. from Charlotte, NC told me:

“I had no idea where to start. Jackie gave me some great home workout recommendations and tons of great food ideas. Jackie’s inspiration keeps me honest and eating like I should. Following her recommendations has helped me lose 34 lbs so far.”

And Michael B. from Arnold, MD says:

HotAtHome is a fantastic complement to my daily workout routine. Having her motivation has been a huge factor in my own workout success and so far I’ve lost 37 lbs and gone from a 36″ waist down to a 32″ waist!”

There are many more, of course, but I’m guessing at this point you just want to know how much the system is and how to get started.

Well, I think you’ll be pleasantly shocked… because unlike trainers that cost thousands, or gyms that suck up as much as 10 hours a week and cost you hundreds of dollars, often for nothing, HotAtHome is ridiculously affordable.

Initially, we charged $97 and people were blown away by everything they received at that price.

But as part of today’s special offer, we’re slashing that by 74%.

Pay a one-time fee of just $25
and get the entire system, immediately!



$25 (74% off!!)

This includes the entire HotAtHome Manual plus the entire exercise library and written guide, both of which contain more than those workout "gimmicks" that cost HUNDREDS...

And the best part is you do NOT need a Ph.D. in exercise physiology or nutrition, you don’t need to guess, and you don’t need a lot of time or willpower.

All you need is the ability to watch the videos, and follow a few simple steps. Your body’s natural fat burning furnace, activated by the structured variability workouts, will do the rest.

You do NOT have to give up your favorite foods, or suffer through boring workouts you HATE. And you don’t have to deprive yourself or feel your stomach growling from hunger all the time.

Not ever!

HotAtHome just works… and as you saw in some of our success stories, it works especially well for people who struggle with traditional approaches and don’t want or have time to suffer in the gym.

This simple yet effective system doesn’t just work in the short-term either, but as long as you do the workouts the results will continue with you… FOR LIFE.

And that means, even when you’re over 50 like me you’ll still look great in any outfit you wear, whether it’s your yoga pants, skinny jeans, or that evening gown you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

I’ve been using this process for YEARS now, and maintaining your hot body is a breeze once you get into a groove with the system.

You don’t even have to think about it. Just step into your living room and get started.

In just a few hours a week you can have the body you’ve always wanted… for as long as you want.

I actually teach you ALL the super simple strategies you’ll ever need, step-by-step, for incorporating these fun and effective workouts in your living room… any time they fit into your schedule, with the right variability to trigger ongoing fat burning… so everything is tailored specifically for YOU.

These are workouts that you’ll LOVE as they help you reach ANY fitness or physique goal you want.

Want a toned, flat tummy? It can be yours. Lean, longer-looking legs? Easy, I’ll show you how. A firmer, rounder butt that looks hot in tights? The system makes it simple. Toned, slender arms? That’s one of the first changes you’ll see!

You won’t find a simpler, faster or more efficient way to transform your entire body… I know because I literally tried everything.

To get started, just click the "add to cart" button
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$25 (74% off!!)

Yes, in just minutes from now you could be in the middle of your first HotAtHome workout… feeling the fat being burned away… and wishing you had known about this months or years ago!

Also, to make this an even better deal, I’m going to throw in some additional fat-burning tools at NO EXTRA COST.

First, there’s Unlimited Product Updates and Help - for Life!

Listen, HotAtHome is about you always having an ultra-efficient transformation system 100% tailored to YOU. I am personally very active in supporting our members, offering help and encouragement, new email tips, exclusive new content, and more.

What’s more, any time we add new features, whether it’s additional guides, new workout videos, a private forum or anything else, you’ll get it all at absolutely no charge.

Bottom line, this isn’t just a one-time “wham bam, thank you ma’am" thing. This is my life’s work and I’m going to be constantly updating and evolving this program for you and our members.

That means my team and I will ALWAYS be here for you, more committed to you reaching your goals and being healthy than anyone you’ve ever encountered, guaranteed. Just look at what those who have experienced it are saying…

“Thanks to Jackie I’ve lost over 10lbs of fat and have also gained muscle, definition and strength!”
– Aaron N., Saverna Park, ML

I have lost 40lbs and 4’’ from my waistline, and I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 8!
- Charlotte W., Cambridge, UK

If you want to get results, if you want someone that tells you the TRUTH about fitness and of course a amazing friend go for Jackie, buy her book, trust me IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”
– Diego S., Mexico City, Mexico

She sure has helped me on those days to find the motivation to train.
– Jesus F., Crestview, FL

I have lots of excerpts from our success stories talking about how amazing the system is and all the support, encouragement, and ongoing updates they get.

This is worth at least $100 or more… priceless actually because it’s never-ending… but it’s yours free for life as a customer of HotAtHome.

Next, you’ll receive a very special booklet that quickly dispels
THE #1 Exercise Myth, EVER...

Chances are, you’ve already been a victim of this myth, causing you to waste precious time and effort without any results to show for it.

Worse yet, following this myth in the WRONG way, which most people do, WILL actually mess with your metabolism, age you, and maybe even give you that dreaded “skinny fat” look.

The good news is that, once you understand how this myth came to be, and what to do about it, you can USE part of it to send your fat burning through the roof.

In this booklet, I cut through all the misinformation, lies, and BS, to put this evil myth to bed so that you don’t have to struggle to get the results you want.

No hype, no double talk, just powerful information and "do this, do that" instructions for making it work for you… without wasting a single minute of time or energy on stuff that doesn’t work.

This guide could easily sell for $40, but it’s yours free when you download HotAtHome today.

In addition to lifetime updates, support, and the booklet that addresses the #1 exercise myth, the third bonus you’ll receive is a booklet that has almost immediate results on the way your body looks and feels.

You’re probably skeptical, but I assure you this is the real deal and within days those you know will be asking you, “Have you lost weight?” and “Did you get taller?” And the best one, “You look great! What are you doing?”

That’s because this next booklet reveals a deceptively easy way to
quickly develop leaner, sexier arms, legs and torso...

... even as you watch TV or listen to music in your living room.

Using the tips inside, your posture will improve, you’ll look leaner and taller and you’ll feel a surprising boost in your confidence and sense of well-being.

This too, would retail for $40, yet you won’t pay a penny for it.

Again, everything… both bonus guides and lifetime support and updates, are all yours free when you claim your spot in the HotAtHome system today.

I meant it when I said that I’m passionate and committed to giving EVERYONE the tools they need to get the body they want and deserve… no exceptions… no matter how much pressure or pushback we get from big companies or fat cat “gurus” who are threatened by what I’m doing.

To experience safe, healthy, long-lasting weight loss… to look younger, and feel your absolute best…

... just click the button you see below right now, and begin your transformation immediately.



$25 (74% off!!)

HotAtHome is changing lives and giving thousands back control over their body fat. It’s helping them to look and feel great… and it will do the same for you… but only if you take action. That’s why I’m determined to make trying out the system the biggest “no brainer” of your life.

To do that, I’m including not one but 3 MORE bonus gifts:

The first one is something I call
"The 10 Commandments for Cutting Calories WITHOUT Counting".

This is something that I want you to print out and put on your fridge because you can use it to effortlessly reduce your calories and shed weight faster, without having to go through the agony of counting and measuring everything you eat.

Trust me, I did that… I used to use a spreadsheet to track every single food I put into my body. It wasn’t fun.

Now I mostly just follow these basic commandments, which are surprisingly not talked about by mainstream “experts”, and I don’t have to think about calories anymore.

Combined with the HotAtHome workouts that you’re getting, you know you’ll be creating a caloric deficit that leads to the fastest possible weight loss.

The next bonus is even more helpful.

It’s called the “Should I Eat This?”

... and it’s essentially a small diagram with a series of easy to answer questions that you can take to the grocery store and follow to know whether you should buy and eat ANY food.

Remember, no amount of working out will make up for a bad diet… and yet no other topic on earth is as confusing or controversial as what to eat.

Realizing this problem, I created this ridiculously simple series of yes/no questions you can use to eliminate bad foods, make healthier choices, and never again be confused about what to eat.

You’ll be astonished at how effectively this simple little chart helps you filter out the bad stuff and eat more of the good stuff… without getting into crazy, complex dietary nonsense even the diet gurus themselves don’t understand!

And since you won’t be making the same dietary mistakes as most people, you’ll be burning fat more rapidly and looking younger, healthier and HOTTER in no time.

arrowLast but not least, and this may be the best bonus of all...

I’m giving you the entire
HotAtHome Manual… on AUDIO…

... so that you can load it onto your phone and take it with you everywhere.

You can listen to it while you’re in the car, walking, running, at night, or anywhere for an extra dose of inspiration and so that all the information seeps into your brain and just becomes second nature.

It’s like having me in your ear, coaching you through the entire process, day after day, until one day you look in the mirror and feel thrilled about the way you look!

I’ve received incredible response from this audio, especially from busy people who don’t have the time to read or watch a lot of video, because the audios can be used while doing other things.

There is a catch, though… because this audio is so convenient and can be listened to anywhere you’ll have no excuses for not going through the system and getting results.

Still, that’s a good thing, because I’m committed to you getting results, no exceptions. I’m like a pit bull when it comes to clients and members reaching their goals, and failure is not an option.

As you can see, I’ve assembled one of the most comprehensive and effective fat loss systems available anywhere – at ANY price:

You get:

  • The Complete HotAtHome Manual
  • The Exercise Gallery & Video Library
  • The Booklet that Dispels the #1 Exercise Myth!
  • The Booklet that Helps You Look Longer and Leaner
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
  • The 10 Commandments Calorie Cutter
  • The "Should I Eat This?" Decision-Maker
  • PLUS, the Complete Audio Course

Sold separately, the elements of this entire system would easily go for $477. But again, you get roughly 95% off, and pay just $25 if you join me today.



$25 (74% off!!)

And even though this is an insane value, I’m sure you’d like some assurance the system will work for you, so that’s exactly what I’m going give you.

comes with
a DOUBLE guarantee.

That means, in the highly unlikely event that it doesn’t work for you I absolutely REFUSE to take your money.

Here’s how the double guarantee works:

Once you click below and get started, you have 60 full days to test-drive the entire system WITHOUT risk or obligation. Watch all the videos. Download the step-by-step guides.

You must be blown away by the results you experience, otherwise just say the word, and we will connect with you to help you figure out what might be getting in the way of you reaching your goals.

That’s the first guarantee… you can have me or my staff personally help you, if, FOR ANY REASON you’re not progressing like you should be.

The second guarantee I make is an Unconditional No Questions Asked, 60-Day,
100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Again, you have 60 full days to check out HotAtHome.

If, at any time during the first 60 days, you are not completely impressed by the simple effectiveness of the system you can send an email to our support team with the word “Refund” in the subject line.

You can also call our 800-number that we provide and get a full, immediate, no-questions-asked refund, or even cancel within the members' area.

I make it easy to cancel because I ONLY want fully 100% satisfied customers. Period.

Of course, you could just watch the videos, check out all the guides, get results, and STILL ask for your money back… but as it stands, nearly everyone who has used the HotAtHome system has been so overjoyed by the results they saw they wouldn’t dream of asking for a refund.

And I’m betting that if you click the button below and try out the system today, you’ll feel the same.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait. Get started with HotAtHome!

This should be the easiest decision you ever make.

In as little as one week from now, you too can start to experience the thrill of seeing your workouts actually show up on your body, along with the exciting confidence and knowledge that NOBODY can stop you from getting the body you want.

It’s an easy decision to make. But that isn’t the only choice facing you right now…

… because doing nothing is also a choice.

But doing nothing… or putting the entire fate of your health and weight loss goals in the hands of unproven, gimmicky programs that don’t have real, adequate proof behind them… approaches that are inconvenient or expensive… or are just plain “made up”… programs that leave you stuck in plateaus long before you’ve reached your goals because they don’t match up with your lifestyle… well, those would not be wise choices in my humble opinion.

I’ve dedicated my life to creating and optimizing the HotAtHome system because I believe I was put on this earth to help people… good, honest, well-intentioned people like you… achieve their fitness goals, quickly, effectively and affordably — for life.

This is your big moment! It’s an opportunity to change the entire course of your life.

Just weeks from now, well on your way to the sleek, sexy body you want… looking incredible in anything you throw on… no longer reluctant or embarrassed to look in the mirror… you’ll look back on today as one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Or, you can do what most people do — stay the same — and look back wondering what might have been, while continuing to fantasize about future results.

I know you’ll make the right decision and I look forward to seeing you — and helping you quickly realize your weight loss, body and fitness goals, right inside the HotAtHome area.

Just click the button below, get started now, and I’ll see you on the other side.



$25 (74% off!!)

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