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Zombies Coming If You Don’t Work Out?

What will happen if you DON’T work out?

Will the world end? NO!! Will there be a zombie apocalypse? NO!! Of course not.

It’s easy to come up with stuff like this in our minds and make these justifications when trying to find reasons NOT to bother working out and instead stay comfy on that couch.
Zombies Or Workouts
But what if a zombie apocalypse WOULD happen?

What if the world would be destroyed and all your friends and family would die?

Would THAT be enough of a motivation for you to get off that couch and get that workout done?

Probably, right?

That’s exactly the kind of thing “Hot at Home” customer Chelsea needs to convince herself of, in order to motivate herself.

She needs to imagine something BIG, something LIFE-CHANGING, something WORLD-THREATENING will happen if she slacks off.

And while most of us may think that’s just silly and it wouldn’t motivate us at all, I don’t find it silly at all…

… as a matter of fact, there is a very REAL spin on this particular kind of mind-game that MIGHT motivate every single one of us … every single time!

In fact it’s a little something I remind myself of often … and it gets me heading to my workout immediately, without fail … even if I don’t ‘feel like it’ at the moment.

And it IS big … and it IS life-changing … and it IS world-threatening … at least on a personal level.

If you’d like to borrow it to help motivate you out to your own workouts, please feel free to help yourself:

Go ahead!! No matter how ridiculous it may seem, feel free to imagine whatever you need to in order to convince yourself to go work out. No one even needs to know. The most important thing here is that the workout actually DOES get done!

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