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Lack Of Time, Finances And Shyness Barriers

There are many barriers to getting fit.

Lack of time. Lack of finances. Lack of willingness to be seen in public working out when one is not yet in shape.
Break Through Barriers
Those are the very problems that Angela and Giovanni face.

Angela is having scheduling and resource problems getting herself into the gym

And Giovanni doesn’t want witnesses at the gym snickering at him struggling to get through his workout routines.

The good news is that there are certainly excellent ways to break through those specific barriers.

But how?

Is the answer obvious?

If you’re here on this website, I would hope that it would be, but just in case it’s not, here are my suggestions:

Don’t let these minor issues be barriers to you getting fit. Get yourself set up and get on with those workouts. No excuses, right? Only action will get you results.

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