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University Preventing Weight Loss?

Post-secondary education can be challenging to get through.

Not only is there all that time spent sitting in classes and lectures, but also tons of studying … and if you work part-time as well, trying to find time for it all can make you feel like your life is not your own.
Staying Fit While Studying
Until the next big frat party, that is. There’s always time to let off a little steam from time to time, right? RIGHT!

So, with all that partying, studying, working and sitting in classes, how the heck is a student supposed to stick to a healthy exercise and nutrition program?

And how on earth does ANYONE in university or college attempt to actually lose excess weight (or avoid the ‘freshman five’) when there’s just no time in the day to even think about it, much less act on it?

That is the question on the mind of university student and “Hot at Home” Facebook follower Sarah.

School all day and studying, working or partying every evening. There’s just no time for fitness. And she’s frustrated because she WANTS to have time for it.

So? Are there tricks she can employ to create time in her day or otherwise avoid unhealthy eating habits when she’s running from school activity to school activity?

Yep. There’s no secret here, but it does take a little bit of know-how to keep your fitness and nutrition goals from being sabotaged when you’re THAT busy.

If you’re currently pursuing post-secondary education, or you’ve got loved ones who are, and this is one of the challenges you (or they) are facing, you may find this information helpful also:

With a little tweak here and there to a student’s schedule, along with a few better choices when eating out or on the go, it’s totally possible to actually lose weight or avoid that freshman-five while completing college or university.

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