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Lose Your Fat Not Your Booty

It’s finally becoming a better-known fact that “spot reduction” is not possible.

In other words, if someone wants to lose fat from their belly (for example), they need to be prepared to work towards losing fat all over their body and their belly will be a part of that equation and will lose fat along with all other parts of their body.
Squats Make A Better Butt
Doing certain exercises in the hopes of burning fat in just one area is going to be a futile effort at best. It just doesn’t work that way.

Fiona knows this. But her concern is the exact opposite to someone trying to JUST lose belly fat (or arm fat, or hip fat, or leg fat, etc).

She definitely wants to lose some fat on her body overall.


She’s worried that if she loses the excess fat on the rest of her body, her butt is going to follow suit by ALSO losing fat (and of course, it will) …

… and Fiona fears that when that happens, once the fat is gone, her butt is going to flatten right out and lose it’s round appearance.

Yah, it might.

But there’s something she can do to counteract that effect so that she can keep her booty-licious booty while she works towards losing weight overall (and she may even make her butt rounder, perkier and firmer than ever).

And incidentally, this is something everyone interested in burning fat and getting lean should be doing anyway.

If you’re working towards losing weight but you also see yourself losing your booty in the process, then this is a DEFINITE ‘must-watch’ for you:

Get working on those butt-building exercises and lose the fat AND the fear of losing your booty!

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