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How To Get Started Exercising

The process of getting fit can be a confusing game.

Where the HECK do you START?

Do you join a gym? Or do you try to work out at home? Either way, what exercises do you start WITH?

And then HOW do you actually perform that first exercise … especially if you don’t even know what you’re doing and have never done it before?Confused About Exercise

Patricia is a ‘getting started wanna-be’ but it’s all just too overwhelming, and she’s stuck.

She doesn’t even know if she should join a gym, hire a trainer, try to work out at home, or in some other way … or what!

And I can’t say I blame her.

With so MUCH information out there about how to get fit (a lot of which is misleading or downright false), it’s easy to fall victim to information overload which can lead ‘analysis paralysis‘.

A great place for Patricia to start is to first get clear on what her specific goals are.

Does she want to lose fat? Get stronger? Become more flexible? Overcome an injury or other physical ailment?

But, once she gets a handle on her goals, knowing how to get her hands on the information she needs to help her get to that goal is KEY.

And even though she admits she’s never even been in one, maybe a gym IS the right place for her to start … or maybe not.

If you’re wanting get started but just can’t seem to make it happen because of information overload and the resulting confusion that goes with it, then the thoughts I share here may help you also:

Don’t let confusion be your excuse to NOT get started. There are reliable ways to get the RIGHT information, the information you NEED to get started. After all, you can’t GET to your goals until you actually start working towards them, right?

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