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Do Cardio Without Using Your Legs

Getting regular cardio exercise is important. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s not.

It trains your cardiovascular system (hence the name) and helps keep your heart and lungs healthy… and cardio exercise is instrumental for burning fat.
But most forms of cardio, whether it’s running, cycling, weight training circuits, HIIT, or just slogging it out on an elliptical, require the use of your LEGS!

So how would you do cardio if you couldn’t use your legs?

This is Darin’s exact problem. He’s hurt his leg and is going a little nutty not being able to get his usual cardio sessions done.

Darin needs some ideas for ways he can get his heart rate up, burn some fat and keep his cardiovascular system healthy without using his legs.

Whoa, that’s a tough one. But luckily there ARE a few options available.

If you’re dealing with a leg injury or other leg incapacitation – OR – if you’re just looking for new ideas for cardio workouts, then check out these tips:


Depending on the extent of your leg incapacitation, some of these ideas may not be possible, but there should be at least one or two there you can try out to keep your cardiovascular system trained while your injury is healing. Give them a shot!

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