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Best Full Body Exercise For Anyone?

There are lots of really great exercises out there.

But is there ONE exercise in particular that is far superior and could possibly earn the title of the “Best Exercise”?
Planks Are A Great Full Body Exercise
And would that ‘best exercise‘ be something that ANYONE can do?

This is what “Hot at Home” customer Yolanda would like to know. She asks, “besides the plank what is the best full body exercise that anyone can do?”.

Well, that kind of depends on the goals and the abilities of the individual doing the exercise.

Not everyone is capable of doing certain exercises and some exercises are better than others for reaching specific goals.

But there are definitely some great full body exercises that can help you get to your goals (whatever they may be).

Here are some of my suggestions for lots of different kinds of full body exercises to help with many different types of goals that you may want to incorporate into your own workout plan:

Pick and choose from that pile of fantastic exercise suggestions, based on what your specific goals are, and see how they help you get results that much faster.

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