Brandable Reports

The Hot at Home Special Report “Six Pack Sins” is now available as a Brandable Report!

You can use the “Six Pack Sins” Special Report to give away to your readers for free on your blog or other website or attach to an email to your mailing list.

You can use it as an incentive for signing up for your own newsletter if you wish … or go ahead and give it away as a freebie “just for fun” or as a cool resource you found with information that you thought your audience could learn or benefit from.

If you’re a fitness product owner, author or publisher, you may also bundle “Six Pack Sins” as a bonus with your own product package on your sales page if you wish (but please shoot me an email to keep me in the loop if you decide to do this).

“Six Pack Sins” might also be of interest in the dating niche as an informational guide to getting a better body (which leads to a more attractive appearance, which leads to finding a partner, date, or whatever).

Once your customer reads the report, enjoys the content and sees the value in the free information provided they’ll want to know more about me and my “Hot at Home” system. If your reader clicks on the links in your specially branded report, they’ll be sent to the “Hot at Home” sales page through your special hoplink.

And from there, once your customer purchases any of the “Hot at Home” products after clicking through from the “Six Pack Sins” report you sent them, YOU get the commission.

Cool, huh?

Branding “Six Pack Sins” with your affiliate information is as easy as inserting your Clickbank ID into the report using the simple branding software I’m including for you.

The link below includes a zip file of everything you’ll need to rebrand “Six Pack Sins” with your affiliate hoplink. After you unzip the file you should find:

1) The brandable pdf of “Six Pack Sins”
2) The special rebrander software you’ll need to insert your affiliate hoplink
3) Easy-to-follow instructions for how to use the software

Just “Right Click” on this link then choose “Save Link As” to save it to your computer:

Right Click Here to Download Everything You
Need To Brand The “Six Pack Sins” Special Report


Feel free to use any of these graphics when you use the “Six Pack Sins” Special Report to promote “Hot at Home“.

Just ‘Right-Click’ on the image and choose ‘Save Image As’ to save to your desktop … then upload to your own site or insert into your emails.

Six Pack Sins Special Report 197 x 298 Large

Six Pack Sins Report Large

Six Pack Sins Special Report 169 x 256 Medium

Six Pack Sins Report Medium

Six Pack Sins Special Report 132 x 200 Small

Six Pack Sins Report Small

Six Pack Sins Special Report 115 x 175 X-Small

Six Pack Sins Report X-Small

*Disclaimer: You do not have permission to resell “Six Pack Sins” or request payment in any form in exchange for providing this report to anyone. This is a FREE report to be used to promote “Hot at Home” products only. Furthermore, you ONLY have permission to use the provided report-cover images for promoting “Hot at Home” products. Abuse and/or disregard will result in legal action.

If you need a bio of me to go with your rebranded “Six Pack Sins” report, I’ve written a special one specifically to go with this report that you can get from the Author Bios page. Feel free to copy and paste it to wherever you need it.

And, if you need anything else or something special, shoot me an email from the Contact Page and I’ll set you up.

Thanks for promoting “Hot at Home“.