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The Special Clickbank "Hot at Home" Affiliate's HopLink is:

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You MUST replace "yourCBid" with YOUR OWN Clickbank ID in order to personalize this link as YOURS so YOU get the commissions you EARNED.

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REMEMBER: "Hot at Home" is THE Fitness Solution for People Who Hate The Gym.

This a TOTAL Workout, Nutrition, Mindset and overall Fitness Program for ANYONE who is tired of the hassles and inconveniences of the gym scene but still wants to lose fat and get in great shape in the privacy of their own home ...

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*** NEW !! For "Hot at Home" Affiliates ~~ Special Page IDs ***

I just set up a new linking structure and now you can link directly to Special Pages on the "Hot at Home" website using your Clickbank hoplink, by adding a special "Page ID" (pid) ... ... pages like fully formatted 'customer-friendly' versions of all the articles in the Reprintable Articles area, as well as the Trial Offer or Free Report Offer pages. Full details and Page IDs Listing here: "Hot at Home" Special Page IDs

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